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Islam vs. the West: Will Sweden Survive the Coming Multicultural Conflict?

Björn Norström is a Swedish journalist living in America who writes for the Swedish online magazine on issues of mass immigration and the failure of Swedish multiculturalism. Björn Norström begins the conversation discussing the difference between Sweden’s political left verses America’s left. He’ll then discuss how corporations have no allegiance to country. We’ll also talk about the long term impact upon the western world if rapid immigration continues. We discuss Sweden’s loss of a cultural anchor and the wakeup call that is inevitable. As ethnic conflict increases in Sweden, Björn Norström explains how the growing Islamic population is in direct conflict with western values. We’ll also speak about the hypocrisy of journalists who preach diversity yet live in segregated communities. In the member’s hour, we’ll begin on new laws in Sweden set to muzzle free speech. Björn Norström talks about the schizophrenic leftist Swedish mentality of loving Islam, while at the same time supporting feminists and gay rights. Incoming cultures into Sweden do not share the same values. Is it possible to uphold two opposing forces or will the other cultures impose their values more and more? Also, Björn Norström elaborates on how Sweden’s Marxist approach is systematically removing certain aspects from Swedish culture, heritage and tradition. As Europeans become a minority, we’ll discuss how this changes things from a legal perspective. Later on, Björn Norström comments on the Swedish Democrats.

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