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The Future is the Past

Red Ice is hiring!

Come work with us!

We are looking for a professional video editor / graphics animator that can join us full time to work on our video productions.

Follow our Telegram group to watch the video

You need to have either past work experience, or if you’re self-taught, need to be able to demonstrate your proficiency and detailed understanding of the following software:

  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop

We are searching for someone who is passionate, engaged and understand the topics that we cover currently on Red Ice. Someone who also shares our concerns regarding globalization, modernity, loss of culture and attack on heritage. To simplify, we want someone who appreciates the rise of nationalism as a force against the globalists.

If you are currently stuck in a dead-end job with a company working against Western interests? Well, then come work for us instead. This will be the perfect opportunity. Do something that matters and turn your work into activism. There is opportunity for growth.

Please send your CW and/or sample of past work to Put “Job Application” in the subject line.





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