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Melissa Meszaros and Alex Gabler are two American born women who returned to their ancestral homelands in Europe. Melissa lives in Hungary where she teaches and translates English, works in a café, and periodically makes videos for her YouTube channel. Alex has traveled around 12 different European countries over the past six years and is now living in Germany where she writes occasionally for the Melissa and Alex are with us to discuss their individual experiences living in Europe and what the social and political climates are like compared to the United States. Melissa talks about how the influx of migrants in Hungary over last summer triggered her awakening to the anti-White and pro-refugee politics that have become so prominent in the West. Alex relates how she discovered a double standard in mainstream media reporting concerning the serious rape epidemic in Germany that has been brought on by the refugee invasion. We look at the styles of formal European schooling and social etiquette, along with the typically conservative way of life that is prominent in smaller villages. Then, we discuss the missing conservative element in mainstream politics and what spurs on more extreme stances, and we examine the range of feminist ideals that shows a clear contrast between what is accepted in the US and in Europe. The conversation ends with thoughts on the resurgence of traditional values being seen within the Millennial generation, and the growing awareness that Europeans must band together with the goal of preserving heritage and preventing the extinction of our people.

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How Long Will Hungary Resist the Invasion?How Long Will Hungary Resist the Invasion?


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Lana Lokteff

Lana was born of Russian American ancestry. She is the host of Radio 3Fourteen and contributes political/social commentary in the form of articles and videos. Additionally, she offers her view on current news & entertainment in Red Ice TV's livestream show on Saturdays. Lana also owns her own organic clothing line called Lana's Llama. She is passionate about European identity politics, ancestral traditions and health. She lives with her husband in Sweden and part time in America. @LanaLokteff

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