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WWII Revisionist History

Carolyn Yeager is a writer and researcher specializing in World War II and "holocaust" revisionism. She’s the author of a 48-page booklet titled Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour, What the Tour Guides Don’t Tell You at Auschwitz-Birkenau. She hosts a radio program and writes numerous articles, which are available on her website. We’ll hear Carolyn’s journey to holocaust revisionism. Having German heritage herself, she’ll speak about her awakening into the truth surrounding WWII. We’ll talk about the atrocities committed by the allies during WWII and claims made surrounding the holocaust, verses what holocaust revisionists claim. We’ll talk about why holocaust revisionism is important and necessary. She’ll also speak about holocaust survivor stories verses war propaganda. We’ll talk about why America harbored such hatred for Germany. Carolyn discusses literature in Nazi Germany, eugenics and the Nazi economic model. Later, she comments on claims made by alt researchers about Hitler. Many are not interested in the truth on this subject. In challenging the holocaust story, we are forced to contend with the entire postwar order, which was created by the allies. The holocaust is their moral cornerstone still used today to justify nefarious behavior. Questioning the victor’s version of the war has landed some in jail. At the end, she discusses infighting among White folk and she questions if unification is possible. We’ll also speak about the predictability of the misinformed that pull the Nazi card on Europeans seeking to preserve their heritage.

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Lana Lokteff

Lana was born of Russian American ancestry. She is the host of Radio 3Fourteen and contributes political/social commentary in the form of articles and videos. Additionally, she offers her view on current news & entertainment in Red Ice TV's livestream show on Saturdays. Lana also owns her own organic clothing line called Lana's Llama. She is passionate about European identity politics, ancestral traditions and health. She lives with her husband in Sweden and part time in America. @LanaLokteff

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