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The Strange Murder Case of Annie Börjesson

In this program, we’ll speak with Guje Börjesson from Sweden who has been investigating the death of her daughter Annie Börjesson since she was found dead on Ayrshire beach close to Prestwick airport in Scotland on December 4th, 2005. A police investigation team quickly ruled out suspicious circumstances or foul play surrounding her death and suggested the probability of suicide, almost immediately. A post-mortem report indicated that the cause of death was drowning and the police concluded she had either taken her own life or died as the result of an accident. There have been a number of strange inconsistencies and coincidences surrounding this case, which has given Guje the motivation to investigate herself for over 8 years, to prove that her daughter didn’t kill herself. Annie’s mother has been trying to get the Scottish authorities to reopen the case in order to find out what really happened. Annie's case was classified as secret in November 2006 in accordance with Freedom of Information Act. Documentation cannot be revealed since Annie's death is not “in the public interest” and Guje has been denied access to the investigation. Guje will talk about what she believes happened, including speculations of mistaken identity, the CIA and a rendition flight out of Prestwick airport. Later, we also talk with justice campaigner and petitioner to the Scottish Parliament Tom Minogue. He tells how he’s been helping Guje to shed light on the secrecy surrounding the case. He also speaks about Scotland’s justice system that has enabled this to become a long, drawn out and difficult process for Guje.

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