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SJWs Flip over “Doom: Eternal” as It Mocks Leftist Political Correctness on Immigration
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SJWs Flip over “Doom: Eternal” as It Mocks Leftist Political Correctness on Immigration


Nothing makes me giggle more than a brand flagrantly doing something to make social justice warriors angry, and Bethesda’s newest installment of their DOOM franchise has me in stitches.

During the recent QuakeCon in Grapvine, Texas at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, Bethesda Software gave a 25 minute presentation of their new game “DOOM: Eternal.” It was during the uninterrupted game play footage that we’re introduced to a holographic “greeter” artificial intelligence.

While this AI only appears several times throughout the gory video, when she does she spouts things that sound an awful lot like what a politically correct, sterilized, social justice figure would say. Apparently, her job is to encourage humans to greet the monstrous demons that have found their way into our realm with kindness and acceptance.

Within the video she can be heard rattling off phrases such as “my brothers and sisters, let’s help to make our friends transition into our world a comfortable one,” or “remember: ‘Demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as ‘mortally challenged.'”

You can watch the DOOM: Eternal game play reveal yourself, but be warned that it’s not a game for kids.

While everyone was cheering at the game’s mechanics, and signature brutality, social justice warriors were apparently losing their minds over the obvious comparisons to the left’s political correctness and attitudes about immigration as evidenced by Twitter. has an entire list of tweets that popped up featuring social justice adherents that felt their being mocked through an AI non-player character (NPC) was just horrible.

Whether the developers meant this as a slap in the face to social justice warriors or not, Bethesda isn’t saying, but that these lines of dialogue by the NPC are inspired by them is pretty much unquestionable. Of course, thanks to the fact that the social justice warriors have been roundly mocked, the DOOM: Eternal developers are likely to face accusations of being racist alt-righters. That article likely to follow this one in the near future.

The main stink coming from the SJW camp on this installment of DOOM is that we’re currently in the middle of what the left considers an anti-immigration movement from the racist right. With Trump’s administration cracking down on illegal immigration, and Europe currently experiencing a massive surge in crime thanks to immigrants from the Middle East and the resulting backlash, it’s a touchy subject for the hard left.

The game seems to be following the same premise as it usually does. A gate to hell is opened causing murderous and blood-thirsty demons to pour through, and it’s up to the protagonist to brutally fight his way through and see to it that the infestation is stopped. During this go-round, it seems that the demons arrived into the human realm thanks to the deeds of a (literally evil) corporation that was trying to harness the energies of the dimension the demons reside in. In an attempt to make it seem like their foul-up of setting murderous demons in the middle of humanity not so bad, the corporation seems to be using political correctness to make it look like it’s a good thing.

Admittedly, if you were to ask people in countries like Germany if this hits close to home, they would tell you that it absolutely does. Migrant crimes have gotten out of control in Germany, and these crimes include lots of rape and murder. If anyone has ever had a problem with MS-13 in the states, they’d probably tell you the same. I’d venture to guess that if you were to ask a woman who was brutally raped if she thought migrants who did it were “demons,” she’d absolutely confirm it.

That said, I doubt Bethesda is trying to make a political statement and say the demons are just like what the Europeans call, the “rapefugees.” If they are, it would be one of the most daring political statements a corporation has made in eons, but again, I doubt it.

At this time, the only people making comparisons are the SJWs. Apparently, without anyone having to point it out, the SJWs set about accusing the company of comparing murderous, and bloody demons to the migrants, unintentionally acknowledging that a lot of the violence people are seeing is due to the very group of people they think they’re righteously defending.

So by the book of logic, the SJWs are admitting there’s a problem. By the book of the SJW, the SJW’s are being racist.


Also, the game looks awesome.




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