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An Immigrant in Sweden

Jessica Andreasson is an immigrant living in Sweden, married to a Swede. She’ll share her experience living in Sweden, the country touted as the social and political role model for western nations. We’ll talk about social issues that no one in Sweden likes to discuss such as alcoholism, high unemployment rates and the negative blowback of mass immigration. We’ll talk about the cultural climate in Sweden and the changing social behavior of Swedes. Jessica also shares her encounters with the Swedish socialized healthcare system. In the second hour, we’ll speak more about the history of Sweden, specifically on the Vikings and Norse mythology. We’ll talk about how Swedes are being indoctrinated through the school system to be self hating people who despise their own culture, contrary to the Viking spirit. Then, we’ll discuss Sweden’s state feminism and their hatred for Swedish men, while at the same time experiencing a rape epidemic from the immigrant population. The leftist programming is like nothing else in Sweden. Jessica talks about how she has been accused of being a racist and a Nazi for pointing out cultural differences between people. Later, we talk about how countries must evolve as a people to attain a higher level of living. It’s an important process that some counties have not yet gone through.

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