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Banned from Twitter

Ricky Vaughn is an Alt Right pundit known primarily for his Twitter trolling and commentary. Prior to a recent ban, Ricky’s Twitter account was so prolific that MIT named him as the 107th most influential entity in the 2016 election. Due to Hurricane Matthew forcing Henrik and Lana to evacuate from Red Ice HQ, Reinhard Wolff sits in this show as a guest host.

We begin by reflecting on Ricky’s recent Twitter ban. He tells us that the ban came without warning and that, despite a pending appeal, he doesn’t think that his account will be reinstated. Ricky then describes how he came to be such a powerful Twitter presence, which includes a brief summary of his red-pill experience. We discuss how he intends to spread the Alt Right without the aid of Twitter; Ricky tells us that he is in the process of making a website, in addition to being on Facebook and gab. We then consider the upcoming election, and how its results will have an enormous impact on the future of free speech in America. The show concludes with a discussion on how the Alt Right narrative can be spread beyond the internet.

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