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Aleksandr Dugin, Dinesh D’Souza & Death Positivity

Titus Flavius and Rudolf von Flügel are contributors to the humorous Tales from the Trough podcast. Titus is also the host of KulturKampf, a podcast that focuses on philosophy and literature.

Titus and Rudolf join us to discuss a number comical stories from the past week. We first go over a recent HuffPost article on Aleksandr Dugin, which claimed that Putin is supporting Identity Evropa. Next, we switch gears from Dugin to another right-wing luminary: Dinesh D’Souza. We poke fun at Dinesh’s awful talking points, and refute the idea that fascism is a left-wing phenomenon. Later, we discuss a recent development in post-modern feminism: the death positive movement. This leads to a discussion on the upcoming, all-female Lord of the Flies remake, which promises to be about as interesting as watching paint dry. The show also explores the various ways in which progressive sentiments are ruining art.

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