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Eurotunnel Insider Speaks Out on Waves of Migrants

Adam has worked for many years as a firefighter at the Eurotunnel fire station and with Kent Fire and Rescue service. He joins us to give an insider account of the myriad of incidents with illegal immigrants he has dealt with and witnessed at the Eurotunnel site, where the Fire and Rescue service has been pulled into the role of searching the trains and tunnels for foreign trespassers. Beginning in the summer of2015, a massive explosion of immigrants crossing from Calais to Dover has inundated French Police and Eurotunnel security, with an estimated 57,000 illegals removed from the French terminal in 2015 alone. We talk about the French ferry worker strike that brought mainstream attention to the migrant crisis, when the press broke with the story of the massive organized invasion of 1500 migrants storming the channel tunnel via the Calais terminal. Adam gives details of the different strategies employed by the desperate travelers who stow away on freight lorries or trains, or even walk, as a means to get through to the UK’s generous asylum seeker benefits. He speaks about the dangerous diseases that are making their way through and costing the UK health service billions of pounds per year, along with the UK financed, £12,000,000 fence being constructed around the Calais terminal perimeter that has actually made it easier for invaders to cross. Adam says that anywhere from 100-150 migrants armed with knives and iron bars are funneling through to the UK each day, and the dire consequences can be seen in the skyrocketing crime rates and the numbers of unaccompanied “children” that require rehoming, among other frightening figures related to the economy. Later, we look at the major obstacle of political correctness that is keeping European governments from properly addressing this mass invasion, and we discuss whether or not the outdated Schengen Zone agreement will be modified in an attempt to quell the fresh surge of migrants forecast to hit Europe come spring.

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