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Free Speech Threatened in Canada, Zionism, Elite Satanic Bankers, WWII & The Rothschilds

Henry Makow is the author of ”A Long Way to go for a Date”. The book ”recounts his quest for love and masculine identity at a time when both are under siege in America”. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. In this program, Henry talks about the current threat to freedom of speech in Canada. He discusses hate laws, human rights, political correctness, the Human Rights Commission in Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress. Henry's website has been threatened to be shutdown because of the topics he writes about: Zionism, the Illuminati, the "Satanic Elite bankers", WWII history, feminism to name a few. Topics Discussed: censoring of Henry's website, Judaism and Zionism, The Canadian Human Rights Commision, Judaism and Zionism, B'nai B'rith, satanic conspiracy, AIPAC north, Steven Harper, the banning of knowledge,, Ernst Zundel, political correctness, Communism, the Canadian media, what defines the elite as Satanic, transformation of humanity, how we are being changed, sex, homosexuality, religious view on sex, religion, God, race, solipsism, reality, truth, love, national revival and new age. During our second hour, Henry talks about the Bohemian Grove and the ”elite”. Then, we discuss Eliot Spitzer, blackmail, Larry Sinclair, Obama and the Socialists, WWII History, Hitler and Borman as a British Agents and Rothschilds. More Topics Discussed: Bohemian Grove, satanic rituals, Eliot Spitzer, black mail, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Bill Clinton, Obama's birth issue, Saul Alinsky, Communism, Bella Dodd, control freaks, Fabian Society, the world empire, Roman empire, the holy Roman, financial elite, Imperialism, Rothschilds conduct "Red Symphony", are world wars orchestrated?, revolution, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, royal families, Nazi regime, Borman, Hitler, WWII as a hoax, Nazi war efforts, racisim within the Jewish race, destruction of the German people, the Masonic world capital, the Israeli Supreme Court, hate laws in Canada, human rights commission, cabbalism and much more.

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