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Friday the 13th Paris Massacre

Millenial Woes is a GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards, through his YouTube channel by the same name. Millennial Woes, along with our own Radio 3Fourteen hostess Lana, joins Henrik to discuss the Friday the 13th Paris attacks and the state of Europe’s decaying multicultural experiment.

We assess the purported orchestration of yet another mass casualty event by ISIS and the horrible frequency at which this sort of terrorist carnage has been occurring in France and across the West. We look at the utterly schizophrenic reaction that comes out of the liberal left every time Europe is desecrated at the malevolent hands of the Islamic State. We take stock of the crumbling shape of Western society as the absurd narrative of diversity and tolerance continues pushing its native people to the absolute ends of rational thinking when it comes to preserving and protecting its own. Our thoughts converge on the real threats of forced multiculturalism, now compounded with the Middle Eastern refugee crisis, and the naïve, nihilistic idea of all Whites somehow deserving punishment for the world’s perils. We look hopefully to the possibility of the Paris attacks helping to expose our weakened position and the insanity of welcoming radicals with a death wish to our doorsteps. We also gauge how this violent act of war by foreign assailants has in effect illuminated the irrationality of criticisms pointed at Marine Le Pen and her Nationalistic stance. As we cover the destructive forces of Islam, we recognize the exemplary standards and abilities of European society that will assuredly carry us through to securing a prosperous future, if only we can unite in strong, traditional brotherhood and solidarity.

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