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Hitler Was a British Agent & New Zealand Corruption

Greg Hallett is a writer from New Zealand. He travelled widely behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, hitchhiking on planes, making bunks out of airmail bags, to party and report between cities. His contacts in Eastern Europe led to deep penetration of the Soviet State, how it functioned and how it was to colonize the east. It was these qualifications that led him to buy buildings in Moscow immediately after the Berlin Wall fell. This led to interviews with the KGB and their revelations about the planned sex-communism and deconstruction of westerners. He says what they had planned for the west happened in the west and that all modern history can be dated back to 1945. What Hitler planned for the world happened to the world over the next sixty years. In this program, Greg joins us to share his theories in his books, "Hitler was a British Agent" and "New Zealand: A Blackmailers Guide". We talk about Hitler as a British agent and an illegitimate child of the Rothschild's as well as Stalin as a Rothschild. Also, we discuss the Iraq Invasion and the fake capture and execution of Saddam. Greg shares his view on the corruption within New Zealand's political structure. Later, Greg talks about the new world order and the concept of blackmail and shame. During the second hour, we talk more about Hitler, the agenda of the new world order, Tavistock, socialism, KGB, Vladimir Putin, Antarctica, Israel and more.

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Books or Other Material

Hitler was a British Agent

New Zealand: A Blackmailers Guide

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