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Jenny Hill: The Story of a Ritual Abuse Survivor

Judy Byington is a therapist, author and mental health supervisor and the founder and leader of Trauma Research Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information through CEU accredited seminars and lectures on Dissociation and coordinating ritual abuse survivor group, therapeutic and legal resources. She also works as a consultant on satanic crime with the Utah Attorney General’s office. Judy has interviewed hundreds of ritual abuse survivors and continues to pen books about survivors like Jenny Hill who suffer repressed childhood memories of forced participation in rape, torture and murder. She joins us to discuss her book, Twenty-Two Faces, the story of a survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrificial ceremony, Jenny Hill. Judy details Jenny’s story of alleged satanic ritual abuse and her consequent dissociative identity disorder. We’ll talk about mind control, programming of alters and similar ritual abuse survivor accounts. In the member’s hour, we continue discussing Jenny Hill’s story. Judy responds to therapists who claim ritual abuse survivors such as Jenny are suffering from “false memory syndrome.” We’ll discuss commonly recalled ritual ceremony scenes, which seem to always involve children and drugs. Judy also talks about her encounter with a former freemason who heard about her research. Later, we discuss police investigations into missing children and detectives who do not believe ritual abuse cases are real.

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Twenty-Two Faces - Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities

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