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Mastering High-Investment Parenting & Building a Merchant Guild

Rob Kievsky is an intellectual specializing in the theory and practice of finding, describing, and correcting the deficits or the major problems of our modern lives. He is a business owner and family man who identifies as a White Nationalist and he seeks to positively influence others who share his path.

Rob joins us for a discussion about two matters he deems to be crucial for a successful White Nationalist movement: mastering high-investment child rearing and building a merchant guild. We first look into the forms of warfare we are faced with in this current era, which are designed to arrest the finances, minds and culture of working-class America while lining the pockets of globalist elites. Rob talks about the need for Americans to adopt a merchant mentality by investing in small businesses and creating cohesive networks of commerce operated by and benefiting likeminded folk and families. He emphasizes the importance of investigating ventures and proper business building, along with minimizing mistakes by learning “trade secrets and cheat codes” from industry insiders. We also look at the value of owning a family-run business that allows for high investment parenting, and raising kids with minimal TV exposure.

In the members’ segment, we address how to bring up children who are capable of resisting influences from our incompetent, degenerate enemies, and Rob describes some of his parenting strategies. Then, Rob illustrates the inspiration and insight he has gained from reading spy memoirs, speaking to the importance of shifting one’s mentality in order to gather useful tactics from adversaries. He gives examples of using this approach in the business world. Later, we get into the effect that Trump is having on the shifting Overton window and America’s crumbling politically correct mold. We also discuss the left’s utter lunacy and its swift descent into self-destruct mode, and we look at ways to take advantage of civilization’s unhinged state. At the end, we take stock of how we can step up to the plate and make good use of the massive cultural awakening being stirred by the overplayed liberal hand.

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Email: robwinfield35 [at] gmail [dot] com
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