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Old Norse Mythology and Legend & Viking Vengeance

Maria Kvilhaug is a historian of religions. She graduated with a master’s degree in Old Norse Mythology and Initiation Rituals from the University of Oslo. Her master’s dissertation was the later published work “The Maiden with the Mead – A Goddess of Initiation in Old Norse Myths?” She is also the author of “The Seed of Yggdrasil.” Maria runs the YouTube channel, Earth Mythic Library under the username LadyoftheLabyrinth, which is inspired by the Minoan term “Labyrinthos Potnia.” Maria takes a historical and spiritual approach to Old Norse myths and legends and considers them on par with other classical philosophical principles. We’ll begin on the ancient Norse lifestyle of both men and women, including the ranking system. Maria explains how shamanism has an important place in Norse mythology. She’ll point out symbolism found in Norse stories and art that is also seen in other mythologies around the world. In the second hour, we’ll discuss the Vikings, who travelled far and wide. We’ll talk about how Viking raids began in retaliation of Roman Christian aggression. She’ll talk about the destruction of pagans and their fight to ward off Christian invasion, which also included Norse sorcery. As the Vikings were scattered, we’ll discuss where they went. We’ll also hear about hierarchy and the expectations of a man within the Viking society. Later, Maria discusses Norse cosmology and elaborates more on Norse myths that are conveyed in poems, riddles and tales.

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Books or Other Material

The Seed of Yggdrasill: Deciphering the Hidden Messages in Old Norse Myths Heritage
The Seed of Yggdrasill-Deciphering the Hidden Messages in Old Norse Myths - 2nd Edition
The Maiden with the Mead: A Goddess of Initiation Rituals in Old Norse Mythology?
Blade Honer – A Novel Series About The Life of the Oseberg Priestess

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