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Sex & Love: Moral Decay in a Narcissistic Society

Dr. Anthony McCarthy is the Education and Publications Manager for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) and a Visiting Lecturer in Moral Philosophy at the International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria. His philosophy thesis, "Ethical Sex: Sexual Choices and their Nature and Meaning - Perspectives from Natural Law and Marriage " is being prepared for publication as a book. Anthony is with us to help make some sense of the extreme views on sex and marriage that are currently permeating academia, the mainstream media, and politics. In the first segment, we take some time to consider the traditional form of sex in relation to love and lifelong commitments aimed at procreating for future successful generations. Anthony links the political motives of the Frankfurt School of philosophy and social theory to the transformation of sexual views and destabilization of family values we are seeing today. We discuss the atomization of the individual and stripping out of natural roles that has been achieved through the moral restructuring of popular culture by liberal social justice warriors. We also take into account totalitarian ideologies masked as freedom that are ultimately anti-human. In the member’s segment, we talk about the problem of low fertility rates in the west and what we can do on a cultural level to encourage and support more potential parents in committing to raising children. Dr. McCarthy points to our narcissistic society as the main reason men have become less manly and "sexually liberated" women no longer see the need to challenge men to step up to the plate and provide for a family. Then, Anthony speaks to the troublesome implications of gay parents demanding their right to have children, and what is implied by using IVF when there is no consideration for the child’s best interests and human life is reduced to a consumer product.

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Fertility and Gender: Issues in Reproductive and Sexual Ethics
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