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The Bronze Age City Builders, The Hermetic & Shamanic Tradition

Lucy Wyatt and family live on an unspoilt farm by the east coast of England. The farm was derelict but had 600 year-old oak trees, woods, hedgerows and old buildings. The Wyatts restored it using mostly eco-materials and now share this special place with many animals. Lucy, studied International Relations and Italian at Sussex University. As well as researching the ancient past, Lucy is also interested in Earth energies and now leads local Gatekeeper Trust pilgrimages on equinoxes and solstices. She is the author of Approaching Chaos which examines an alternative, an ancient archetype dating from the Bronze Age that helped cities exist in harmony with nature. This archetype influenced the ancient Greeks and Romans, often mistakenly admired as examples of civilized societies. In the first hour, we’ll explore the origins of farming, domestication of animals and cities. She explains the intention of the original civilizations, in contrast to the Roman way. Lucy challenges the accepted view of progress since the end of the Ice Age. We’ll also touch upon migration, catastrophe and the shadow version of cities. In the second hour, we begin discussing possible intentions of the ancient elite. Lucy talks about their fascination with star systems, astral travel and alchemy. She'll explain how Roman-Christian power combined to disconnect us from nature and oppressed our true progress. Then, we talk about the Egyptians' use of quantum physics and alchemy in pyramids, which were used for shamanic rituals to access hidden knowledge. Lucy talks about how pharaohs went on shamanic journeys acquiring divine right of kingship. Later, we'll discuss the Knights Templar, the dissemination of knowledge and religion and the followers of the Corpus Hermeticum. Lucy continues about aspects of the Bronze Age civilization that re-emerged at the time of the Renaissance. Lastly, we discuss the return to the archetype of the Bronze Age civilization.

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Approaching Chaos: Could an Ancient Archetype Save C21st Civilization?

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