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The Last Supper, Vatican, Masons, P2, Mafia & the Murder of Roberto Calvi

Philip Willan is an author and freelance journalist specialising in Italian parapolitics. He has worked in Rome for more than 20 years and is the author of Puppetmasters, The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy. His latest book, The Last Supper, The mafia, the masons and the killing of Roberto Calvi, was published by Constable & Robinson in April 2007. In the past he has contributed research to David Yallop’s best-selling In God’s Name, about the alleged murder of Pope John Paul I, and Charles Raw’s The Moneychangers, an analysis of the relationship between the Banco Ambrosiano and the Vatican bank. Philp joins us to talk about the Mafia, the masons, the Vatican, the P2 Lodge and the murder of Roberto Calvi. In our second hour, we discuss the P2 Lodge and the Grand Master Licio Gelli. Philip also talks about the possiblity that P2 memberships includes people within the Vatican. We also discuss the murder of Pope John Paul the 1st, after only 33 days in office . Then, we talk about the Pontifical Swiss Guard of Vatican City. Is there any connection to the powerful financial force of Switzerland and the World Economic Forum in Davos? Later, Philip discusses the card found on Roberto Calvi from the law firm "Slaughter and May". We end talking about Operation Gladio and Opus Dei.

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Books or Other Material

The Last Supper
Puppetmasters: The Political Use of Terrorism in Italy

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