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Them & Us: Neanderthal Predation Theory

Danny Vendramini is a theoretical biologist, specializing in the evolution of behavior and human origins. He is the author of Them and Us: How Neanderthal predation created modern humans. Danny is also a member of the Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc. He joins us to discuss his theory of human origins. He begins with a reassessment of Neanderthal behavioral ecology. He’ll explain Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory revealing that Neanderthals were 'apex' predators who resided at the top of the food chain and everything, including humans was their prey. Danny explains how Neanderthals are the origins of our deep source of fear. Vendramini suggests that Eurasian Neanderthals abducted, raped and interbred with early humans in the Middle East producing hybrids. We’ll discuss sexual predation, the most important aspect of his theory, when mating drastically changed bringing forth romantic love. He also explains how Neanderthals jump started our evolution into the modern human. In the second hour we’ll speak more on the disappearance of the Neanderthal from the historical record. Danny continues on selection pressure for strategic adaptations, including cognitive ability, male aggression, language capacity, gender roles and creativity. We end the hour on the sad consequences of predation, deeply engrained into our consciousness. He explains how awareness is fundamental.

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Them and Us: How Neanderthal predation created modern humans

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