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Transitioning Into The 4th Dimension, Synthetic Consciousness & The MerKaBa

Bob Frissell is a teacher of thirty years, whose books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. He is a qualified and authorized facilitator of Flower of Life Research. Bob teaches the MerKaBa Meditation, sacred geometry, and Breath of Life Rebirthing along with other heart opening techniques. He was trained by Leonard Orr, the rebirthing pioneer, and by Drunvalo Melchizedek, the originator of the MerKaBa and Unity Breath meditations. In the first hour, we begin talking about 2012 and the window of 7-10 years of drastic changes he sees. Bob talks about how we are moving from the 3rd dimension into the 4th. We discuss dimensional overlaps similar to musical overtones. Bob mentions the type of consciousness we've been immersed in for the last 13,000 years and discusses the rise of a new type of consciousness. Then, we discuss the transition into the 4th dimension and how to harmonize and align with the changes. He explains how we've been living on an old world copy of Earth in the 3rd dimension. In the second hour we begin talking about how the Great Pyramid was used as an ascension tool to experience the five stages of consciousness. Egyptians had the knowledge to synthetically create unity consciousness to experience the 4th dimension. We'll talk about the Hall of Records and evidence for a super advanced civilization on Earth. Bob mentions the role of ETs and why they have been experimenting on humans. Then, we'll talk about working with the MerKaBa and the importance of emotional healing to find your true self nature. Bob stresses the importance of the remembering process and stepping into the greater picture. Lastly, we talk about the energy field or grid 60 miles over planet Earth, which Bob says was synthetically made to help us. He'll tell us how it corresponds with consciousness.

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Nothing in this Book is True, But it's Exactly How Things Are
Transforming Through 2012: Leading Perspectives on the New Global Paradigm

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