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What Really Happened at Auschwitz?

Jim Rizoli is a cofounder, producer and interviewer of the League of Extraordinary Revisionists, a series of discussions with key figures in the revisionist movement, as well as unsung heroes and German survivors of the Allied atrocities. Prior to this project, Jim and his brother, Joe, formed Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement (CCFIILE), an organization dedicated to alerting the public and addressing the overwhelming problems associated with illegal immigration.

In this discussion, Jim recounts how his activism that was geared towards immigration issues in his town of Framingham, Massachusetts, a notorious gateway for illegals, led him to the case of Ernst Zündel in Canada, a German publisher prosecuted for having reprinted the pamphlet, “Did 6 Million Really Die?” Jim talks about his run-ins with the ADL and SPLC once he and CCFIILE were picked up on the anti-Semitic radar for producing cable TV shows dealing with the holocaust, earning him a reputation for being a hate group ringleader. Jim explains the big issues of the official holocaust story that stood out for him and what prompted him to investigate the peculiar details of supposed concentration camp gas chambers at the Auschwitz complex. We discuss the Russian renovations of the camps after WWII that were the finishing touches on the concocted story of 4 million prisoner lives taken at the hands of evil Germans. We also get into the some of the outrageous survivor claims and testimonies that have perpetuated the wartime horror stories that gave the camps such sinister reputations. Further, Jim details the logistics of crematoriums that were operating to manage the body counts from colossal typhus outbreaks, starvation, and Allied Forces bombing campaigns, among other war atrocities.

In the members’ segment, we go deeper into the particulars of mass human extermination and body disposal, which in reality was oddly inefficient considering the capabilities of sophisticated German engineering. Jim talks about Treblinka, a fabricated concentration camp that is tied in with some of the most shocking and mind boggling accounts of the holocaust chronicle. We consider the false figures and perpetual lies that have made it possible for Jewish holocaust survivors to reap tremendous financial rewards, incentives that are protected by increasing hate speech laws and the threat of being blacklisted for holocaust denial. Jim gets into the story of the alleged “architect of the Nazi holocaust,” Adolf Eichmann, and other defendants in the Nuremberg trials that were likely mentally tortured and threatened in exchange for their amenable testimonies. Later, Jim describes the revolutionary work of the League of Extraordinary Revisionists, and then we shift gears to the current immigration catastrophe that is changing the face of Europe and the US.

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