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Assaulted Red Ice Cameraman Speaks Out
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Assaulted Red Ice Cameraman Speaks Out


Following the hullabaloo outside the recent NPI Conference in Washington, D.C. I got a chance to sit down with Aryan Gondola (as he’s known on the TRS Forums), the Red Ice cameraman who was viciously assaulted by up to ten Antifa as he and correspondent Emily Youcis were being escorted back into the Ronald Reagan building. Still sporting a couple of bumps and bruises from the fight, he took time out from his busy schedule to tell Occidental Observerreaders about his experiences with the melee and the conference — and his path to the Alt Right. Readers will find invaluable information on how to stay safe and aware whenever Antifa slime are near.

Aryan Gondola. . . You went a round with ten men at once, and you still have a little shiner to show for your efforts, I see!

I fought for it!


How long have you been working for Red Ice TV?

Four months. Since the DNC in late July. We organized teams to do some “guerrilla photography.”

Had you been to an NPI Conference prior to this one?

Yes. This was the second. The first was March of this year.

Was that at the Ronald Reagan building?


What were your general impressions of security at that event?

Security for the building was very tight. At the first conference we were there discussing the rise of Donald Trump. A handful of Antifa was out there protesting what they called “suit and tie Nazis.” People just walked through, there were some bants, but no problem getting into the building. The only issue was having your face recognized and you could take a different entrance if you were worried about that.


Then you decided to venture out into the crowd. We’re there other press out there among the protesters?

Yes. Local press, BBC, ABC, CBS and Deutsche Welle, as well as Alexander Rubinstein — he’s Antifa press. Law enforcement was there. National Park Services were there to protect the property of the Ronald Reagan building, and there was a strong MPD presence as well. But we left the property of the Ronald Reagan building and ventured out into the street to do the interviews. The police were never more than twenty feet away from us, at the perimeter of the property.

We interviewed some people around the periphery of the protest group. Most of our questions were met with threats and obscenities. Occasionally some older hippie-era protesters would come over and say a few things, but the others tried to drown everyone out with sirens and curse words shouted into bullhorns.

For the most part there was no sincere discourse and everyone just kept shouting “Nazi” at us. Emily began the bants and that’s when things began snowballing downhill. They tried to separate us. One of the antifa tangled himself in our microphone cord on purpose and began to complain about it. I had to unhook the microphone for a moment to free it. Then they lowered a flag onto our faces to disorient us and block the cameras while a masked protester whipped out a can of insect repellent and tried to spray Emily in the face with it. It got in her hair, a little got on her chin. One man with a folder and a pen used a common antifa trick — he walked up to Emily with a folder and pen and started asking for signatures on a (nonexistent) petition. Turning as he spoke he bumped and shoved her several times. I’ve learned now that this is how they escalate the violence. First the throw, spit and spray. Then bump and shove. Once they’ve gotten away with that and they feel confident, the planned attack begins.

They surrounded Emily and got in between us. A tall black officer from NPS came to the rescue and stood behind Emily to escort her back to safety. I followed and filmed with my phone, my arm outstretched. I was behind the officer and he couldn’t see what happened next. Someone snatched the camera away — a short, pudgy manlet with slicked back hair, a beard and glasses. I grabbed him and tried to take the camera back. I put him in a hold. With my hands occupied the punches began to rain down, undefended. They were screaming “die, die!” We went to the ground. The fight went on and I pulled him into my guard and slapped in a choke hold. That’s when one of the protesters put me in a choke hold as well — not a very effective one though. It seemed like a few minutes, but now that I’ve reviewed the video I can see that it was only seconds. On the video I watched the neck-bearded vermin I held onto hand my phone off — so that’s another antifa tactic when they steal things. The police rushed in (as well as some of the older protesters to be honest) and began to tear people away. When I was pulled away I resisted at first — thinking that it was antifa — then realized I was surrounded by law enforcement and relaxed.

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