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Bilderberg Group's Transhumanist Corporate Communism
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Bilderberg Group's Transhumanist Corporate Communism


The elusive, secretive Bilderberger Group is set to meet this week in Watford, England with plans to reportedly hand the “baton” of leadership on to Google. I recall back in 1999 first reading about the Bilderberg Group on an obscure conspiracy site now long gone. At that time, if you mentioned the Bilderberg Group or other leftist elite combines, you were considered insane. Indeed, even a few years ago, major news and so-called “conservative” news refused to mention Bilderberg, with neo-con talkmongers cowering to what they falsely consider capitalism. While it may be considered a good sign that Bilderberg is now appearing in mainstream news due to sites like Drudge and Infowars forcing the elite entity into public view, Bilderberg is still able to hide behind a mask of so-called capitalism.

When a football star goes to a strip club, it’s the top news story for a week: when the heads of international banking, government and industry meet in private with future candidates like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, it’s a media blackout, replete with scoffs and mockery when Bilderberg is mentioned. What generally occurs when large secretive cabals are exposed to the spotlight of public scrutiny is that the entity takes on a less formative role, continuing to function as a kind of debating society, while larger power plays are made at newer, secretive meetings. As longtime Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin has shown in his excellent The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, and in recent interviews, Bilderberg nowadays is now more of an errand gopher meeting of the global elite, while still retaining an important function.

The reason Bilderberg matters is that it is a great example of the shadow government’s existence. While the public thinks that their presidents and senators run their government, the truth is that entities like Bilderberg propose agendas for the Anglo-American establishment. But where did Bilderberg come from? David Rockefeller himself discusses Bilderberg and its origin in his famous Memoirs, writing:

“The conference had served a useful purpose, and the consensus was that we should meet again the following year under the continued chairmanship of Prince Bernhard. We also decided to call the gathering ‘Bilderberg” after the hotel in Oosterbeck where we had first assembled.” (Memoirs, citation).

The chapter itself is on the Bilderberg Group and Rockefeller goes on to describe the process of fostering global cooperation and governance as its agenda. Skeptics and readers should understand that Rockefeller was instrumental in the last century in planning and plotting global governance like none other, arguing at length for China adopting a capitalist/communist “third way” model, as well as the West converging into a communist/capitalist hybrid. In fact, in his famous editorial for the New York Times, he admitted the Chinese experiment with communism was a success, arguing in the Memoirs that it allowed for the establishment of Chase Bank in the communist nation under the reforms of Deng. Now, to the unenlightened that sounds contradictory: an international capitalist seeking merger with a communist government? Absolutely: that was the very purpose of establishing the dialectical foil of Eastern communism, and it was the British-created OSS and the Asia Society that created and funded Mao, as I have proven here.

Intelligence expert Stephen Dorrill writes about Bilderberg in his MI6 as follows: “In an effort to cement western co-operation in the midst of the Cold War, the first Bilderberg conference was held in May in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck at the hotel of “Bilderberg,” from which the meeting took its name. It was seen as an opportunity for shapers of opinion among elite groups in Europe to speak with one voice to their counterparts in the United States, who feared differences over European integration and Eastern Europe would create misunderstandings. Funding came courtesy of the Dutch government and the CIA…” (MI6, pg 508 ) Dorrill’s book can hardly be called “conspirtatorial.” It is a standard treatise, though critical, of MI6 and British Intelligence. Dorrill’s mainstream work was explaining Bilderberg’s purpose years ago, as did Rockefeller’s Memoirs, all the while the Idiocracy media parroting the lie that no such entity exists. In fact, Bilderberg was instrumental in founding the EU and the Euro, so that it is irrelevant is absurd.

In fact, Dorrill subtly exposes the very purpose of Bilderberg, which is to merge the continents into unions through (managed) free trade, leading to a shadow corporate socialist centralized government on each continent, which would then be linked into a world federation of governance through centralized banking in a cashless control grid. This is where Google comes in. I have written in numerous places that the Internet was not “given” to the public with the intent of stimulating western entrepreneurs. The Internet is part of a longterm plan to convert all transactions to binary digits, as well as tracking and tracing all movements and communication, while storing the data in the mass supercomputers that will run the SmartCities. When this feudalistic technocracy is in place, mass depopulation can continue on the specious basis of the enforcement of the green agenda and the climate hoax in a more overt fashion than it presently functions. Presently, Bilderberg and the Club of Rome, with their proxies like the United Nations, implement depopulation through sterilization and weaponized culture, but in a Fabian socialist model of eugenics. The Fabian socialist model of eugenics is simply not based around the racial eugenics of Hitler, but rather on bloodline.

This year’s Bilderberg includes a transhumanist statue of a robot emerging from a pool. The thinking behind transhumanism is that science and technology can eliminate man’s mortality, leading to a post-human era of the top bloodline elites merging with the tech to live on and terraform other planets. It is truly a sci-fi based worldview, basing its actual futurist theory on science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. In those writers, the future is presided over by a post-human, technologically superior elite that further develop in what is believed to be the fulfillment of the Darwinian model of natural selection and superiority devoid of any moral code or compass. In fact, for Arthur C. Clarke, the “enlightener” of man is actually Lucifer, according to his 2001 series. Thus Bilderberg functions as a transhumanist, post-capitalist, commune-fascist organ of convergence.

Bilderberg is therefore a manifestation of the world government written about in Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carroll Quigley that I have quoted several times. Quigley wrote as follows concerning the Anglo-American establishment that both Rockefeller and Dorrill discuss. Quigley, the Royal Institute and CFR chronicler, states as follows:

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole… Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world’s money…” -Ibid., pg. 324
This year's Bilderberg will reportedly deal with transhumanism. Above is the "art" of Bilderberg 2013, featuring an emaciated, ugly T2000 Terminator (?)

This year’s Bilderberg will reportedly deal with transhumanism. Above is the “art” of Bilderberg 2013, featuring an emaciated, ugly T2000 Terminator (?)


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