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Danish "Radical" Youth Beg for More Refugees to Come to Denmark
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Danish "Radical" Youth Beg for More Refugees to Come to Denmark

By Henrik Palmgren |

"Dear refugees. Let’s make Denmark your home." is the title to the video. Danish youth's are begging for more refugees to come to Denmark.

"We need you," says a young man in the video.

The video is from the YouTube channel of "Radikal Ungdom," (Meaning Radical Youth). It initially looked as a joke, but unfortunately it's a "real" political youth organization in Denmark.

One can ask what is so radical about them, they are just asking for more of what the government already is forcing down the Danish people's throats, without putting the issue to a vote.

Denmark, just like most governments in the West, have just gone ahead and decided that the populations is to be replaced without asking what the people think.

"You enrich our society" says a naive young man in the video. " ...not only economically and socially ... but culturally as well" continues two other good little pro-establishment puppets in the video.

If this was true, why it is then that somewhat stricter immigrations laws, compared to Sweden, save Denmark billions?

One can wonder how much more "enriched" Denmark would be if they opened the floodgates of unmitigated third world immigration into the small country, that only has a population of about 4 million people. That is a tiny minority, globally speaking.

There definitely have been more exciting action in Denmark recently due to "new Danes" coming in. You have the shooting in Copenhagen. That alone surely has made things much more interesting and exciting. Denmark - the boring, safe (and formerly) White country - has now seen some real Hollywood action, finally!

Nanna Skovmand and her boyfriends was also "enriched" recently by an immigrant gang with chains and bottles.

Another case was girl in Denmark that was Punched, Kicked, Stoned and thrown into Lake as she tried to protect her dog, when a gang of young immigrants attacked her and her dog. Here is the video:

These are only a few examples and it doesn't indicate that this is the nature of all social interactions in Denmark, but what is interesting is that the media never lifts forward these flip side stories of the multicultural utopia they are trying to push. The kids you see behind this political video campaign are indoctrinated and brainwashed to not appreciate their own people and who they are.

The media lies by omitting the other side of the story and this prevents these naive "radical" youths from understanding that homogenous societies creates trust and the more ethnically diverse a country is, the more likely it is that there will be tension and violence on an ethnic basis. This has been pointed out by political scientist Frank Salter.

Diversity within a state is a positively dangerous concept, but the media and the government together with the education system have sold this lie to many of our young and this is leading to pathological altruism. They are largely shielded from reality.

Where will this end? When Denmark no longer is Danish? When everyone who identifies as ethnic Danish are a minority in their own country?

Europe, Scandinavia and the West is heading down the wrong direction and we have to turn it around or the true global diversity we have will be lost forever and the abuse and lies to our young have to stop.

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