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Europe’s Murdering Muslims
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Europe’s Murdering Muslims


By John Derbyshire

On Monday December 19, another Muslim murderer ran amok: twenty-three-year-old Tunisian immigrant Anis Amri hijacked a big rig and drove it into a crowd of Christmas shopper s in Berlin, Germany, killing twelve and injuring fifty.

Three and a half days later, in the small hours of Friday morning, Amri was spotted by two cops in Milan, Italy. They accosted him; he shot and wounded one of the cops; the other cop then shot him dead.

Amri’s immigration history is a case study of Western stupidity and incompetence. He was one of the early boat people leaving North Africa for the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2011. While there he was arrested for robbery, and arson—he helped set fire to a holding center for illegals.

The Italians put him in jail for four years. In Italian prisons, as in British and French prisons, radical Muslims are a major organizing force among the prisoners, so Amri got radicalized.

“After his release …”—I’m quoting here from the BBC News report—”After his release he was asked to leave the country.” [Berlin truck attacker Anis Amri killed in Milan, December 23, 2016]

So I guess that went something like: “Scusi, Mr. fanatical Muslim arsonist, would you mind leaving our country now, if it’s no trouble?”

Amri did leave Italy. Taking advantage of Europe’s wide-open internal borders, he went to Germany and applied for asylum. Another quote from the Beeb:

His application was rejected by the German authorities but they were unable to deport him to Tunisia because he had no valid identification papers.

That phrase “valid identification papers” deserves a roll of the eyes all by itself. In the first place, it’s common knowledge that these illegals throw away their passports when leaving their home countries, precisely to make it difficult to deport them. In the few cases where illegals do have any papers, those papers were purchased for cash from some forgery shop in a Middle Eastern bazaar, and bear no necessary relation to the illegal’s actual nationality and origins.

There’s no way for European governments to know where an illegal has come from, nor anything else about him. Britain recently cut a deal to take in child refugees from the illegals camp in Calais, Northern France. When the kiddies arrived, they turned out to be muscular six-foot guys with three-day growths of chin stubble. [Fury at ‘soft checks’ on child migrants: Adults pretending to be children say aid workers, By Giles Sheldrick, Express [UK] October 19, 2016]

So where are we with Anis Amri? His application for asylum in Germany was rejected in June, and he was ordered deported. So he was put on a plane back to Tunisia, right?


Of course not! In Euro-speak the phrase “ordered deported” means that some low-level state clerk gives you a sheet of paper saying that you have been ordered deported, then shows you the door—the door back out onto the street. That’s all.

Mr. Amri, as it happens, was fed up with Germany. He decided to head for Switzerland. However, and here I’m going to switch sources and quote from the New York Times:

The police noted his deportation papers and detained him that weekend, but he was ordered released after 48 hours. His lack of Tunisian identity papers meant the German authorities could neither deport nor detain him.

Ordered Deported, Berlin Suspect Slipped Through Germany’s Fingers

By Alison Smale, Carlotta Gall And Gaia Pianigiani, December 22, 2016

Emphasis added

You could hardly have a clearer illustration of the complete collapse of will on the part of Western Civilization to defend itself against foreign malefactors.

Read the rest at The Unz Review.


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