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Five Strategic Lessons Learned In The Wake of The Battle of Sacramento
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Five Strategic Lessons Learned In The Wake of The Battle of Sacramento


With a combination of reflection and action, theory is interacting with practice.  We are politically at a massive disadvantage, but a number of new tools are neutralizing the playing field, where money and control over the air waves is becoming less relevant.

1) We can neutralize the Controlled Media’s Narrative

The internet’s revolutionary impact on politics is on par with Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. Long before Jeff Zucker’s CNN could get his co-ethnic Richard Cohen’s Southern Poverty Law Center on TV to prejudice the public against the Traditionalist Workers Party,  local news journalists like Frances Wang were on twitter reporting raw facts on the ground. Cell phone cameras, livestreams, and social media coalesced to bring all the facts to light at a speed traditional Zionist wire services like Associated Press could not keep up with. By the time the AP was able to release its brazenly false propaganda piece about a “Ku Klux Klan” rally in Sacramento, people were already informed of the fact that the Antifa’s started the fight and were stabbed/beaten in self-defense.

Additionally, a new phenomenon aids us, and that is the historic lack of credibility of the mainstream media in the eyes of the public. The mass controlled press doesn’t just lie, it tells easily debunkable lies that can no longer survive the litmus test of 21st century person-to-person communication.  The little people who are in the middle of these major news stories can tell people what they saw and heard, and for this reason, spin is becoming ever more difficult. Because of this, corporate publications retain little credibility outside of maybe 20-30% of the more gullible elements of the public.

A third factor that aids us is the existence of affiliated but mostly unaffiliated independent free speech and nationalist news portals and entities. These forces took to social media to promote all the evidence against the system’s propaganda in support of the Left-wing paramilitary groups.  Looking at the public’s reaction after cross-referencing footage from the rally with contradictory media reports, it became clear who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

This problem being faced by the media will only get worse as it gets more desperate to keep the lid on the pot.  Rather than calling for a strategic retreat to at least win back some of its lost credibility, most of the mass media, such as Jew Larry Kramer’s USA Today, and the left in general, is angry at ABC10 reporter Frances Wang for objectively reporting the facts instead of ideologically lying.  Major newspapers are using unrelated stock photos of people waving Swastika flags or in Klan hoods to defame our rally, but it’s just not working anymore.

We must exacerbate and pick at this scab to further discredit the corporate Zionist media, while simultaneously strengthening media we can guarantee will give us fair coverage.  The Traditionalist Workers Party gave exclusive media rights to livestream our demonstration to Red Ice Radio. The second best option would be to work with local, non-Jewish controlled TV stations and small newspapers, but only after a thorough background check for political bias of journalists invited to ensure objectivity.

Too many nationalists have focused on altering their opinions to get a crack at being represented in mainstream media. The fact of the matter is that it is more likely an admitted pedophile will get an op-ed than someone with a genuinely different opinion, so acknowledge this fact and react.

2) Follow The Law and Film Everything

Always assume you are the defendant, because any time a dissident sneezes, it will be broadcast on the amplifiers as the spectre of a “Neo-Nazi” threat. It’s a balancing beam, but it’s a worthwhile one.  Being integrally familiar with self-defense laws in a local state is important, as the system will apply any slight violation, from jaywalking to spitting on the sidewalk, to the fullest possible extent due to political pressure from elites seeking to silence critics. Additionally, the system is entirely on the side of the Antifas, but by filming what they actually do, you can expose them as the vicious terrorists they are to the public while cutting out the media middleman.

Let them start attacking you. Get it on tape, then unleash hell, but we must never yield the legal high ground. This avenue is under siege, as social media portals are working out logistics to crush the free speech of anyone to the right of George Soros. But for now, we can work with what we’ve got.

3) Antifas Are Animals

These are mentally ill, aimlessly violent rabble, use their momentum against them.

We are putting them in a dire predicament: on the one hand they can learn their own lesson and eschew violence for political debate, but on the other they are an unpopular political minority and so require violence, censorship, and terror to impose their will on others. These people know they cannot win a fair political debate, without the tool of unrequited violence and intimidation they collapse.

Here is another contradiction to capitalize upon. What conservatives believe about these people is all wrong. Out of 400 Antifas in Sacramento, maybe 100 were there for any political or idealistic reasons. The rest were there to destroy their surroundings and hurt people, the Left’s shift away from recruiting from the working class towards organizing elements of the criminal underworld for muscle is now catching up to them. Once it became obvious that the “Fascists” were going to fight back and hospitalize them if they came to attack, the Antifas turned their rage on random passing cyclists, police, police horses, random journalists, there is even footage of Antifas beating up on a white man who was previously trying to fight the Sacramento Spartans–probably out of blind racist rage.

This works better in areas where minorities, Anarchists, and psychologically deranged homosexuals compose a large faction of the Leftist paramilitary groups.   Peaceful liberal reactionaries will usually not resort to violence, generally speaking, but will instead choose passive-aggression, which is another issue altogether.

4) Polarization and the Zeitgeist

The so-called radical left has picked a terrible time to come out in defense of globalization and unbridled immigration. Their dismissal and demonization of the white working class based on nothing but race (“white privilege”) is, as others have pointed out, a manifestation of their class consciousness. Marx was wrong about many things, but here he appears correct. The leadership and ideologues of contemporary industrialized leftist (including anarchist and communist) movements are Jews with a Machiavellian racial motive, as well as rootless cosmopolitan fad-chasing white bourgeoisie, and they feel those whites who do not share their affinity for kale and “Polyamory” are hopelessly inferior, or even a potential threat to their status and privilege.   Like typical spoiled, entitled brats, they want to take up 3 seats on the train, while calling us the inconsiderate ones.

These feel-goodists have indeed infiltrated and now control our academia and media, but the problem is that the people are no longer interested in what they have to say. With greater resources for education and a number of experiences where the “experts” were catastrophically wrong, people don’t just assume the man in the labcoat knows what he’s talking about anymore.  Globalization and neo-liberal capitalism are not in the interest of the average man. The people are clearly identifying their enemies today, and this is revealing the NGO controlled left as the establishment lackeys they have always been.

Rather than standing with the little man, the left rises to crush popular white worker discontent to push the envelope in favor of our elites’ plan to “elect a new people”. When African invaders gang rape a 5 year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, the left sides with the rapists over the 5 year old girl and the humble town’s folk.

We must polarize, rather than pander.  We must stop talking to the Judeo-Left as if its members are honest misguided idealists, and instead talk to them like what they are: the enemy. Conservatives time and time go through elaborate gestures of being flustered after leftists take their ‘talking stick’ and bust it over their heads. Conservatives are a steam valve for revolutionary fervor that is made specifically to fail against the minority leftist opinions of transgender bathrooms and banning people from saying Merry Christmas in public.

Sometimes people on our side let the mass media narrative and bogus gallup polls on immigration and gay marriage get to them.  Just because the government doesn’t personally always intervene in your expression doesn’t mean we have a free press.  Our views are the majorities. The silent majority isn’t silent because it is “suicidal”, it is silent because giving its opinion means the loss of livelihood, defamation of character, and risks to their physical well-being by “deep state” groups that operate outside of the law.  To mitigate this , we must make it safe for our people to go out and express themselves without these threats, by putting our aggressive enemies on the political defensive, and defending the civil rights we are entitled to.

Once there are enough of us willing to take to the streets, the traditional methods of political suppression will be obsolete.  Rising through obstacles is also important.

The main reason, I deduce, that Oswald Mosley’s revolution failed in comparison to Italy and Germany is because he allowed his aristocratic reputation and unfair “public order” to overcome his movement’s will. By yielding to the Jews and communists–who outnumbered the Blackshirts–at the “Battle of Cable Street” by calling it off and offering them no battle, he galvanized his cowardly opposition. The police involved were beaten up by the leftists and a riot ensued even though the Blackshirts went home. From this point on, the BUF became the weak horse and declined. Only through strength, sacrifice, and superhuman heroics can we even begin to dig ourselves out of this hole.

5) They aren’t “Normies”, They’re People

The analytical philosophy of Anglosphere cultures has built a tendency to overthink things, where hyper empiricist scientific guesses are preferred over (reasoned) intuition. This may be useful in managing a shop, but it’s not in the political realm, where constantly thinking outside of the box and never settling into patterns is a vital necessity. Another cultural problem in the Anglosphere is the latent urge to create exceptionalist or exclusive cliques, that splinter into smaller and more banal ones by the minute. Just because average people don’t understand your cycling frog meme (neither do I) doesn’t mean that “normies” are a totally lost cause or must be spoken to in Fox News terms.

There is no such thing as a normie viz-a-viz a nationalist. We’re the normal people. We represent their interests, hopes, aspirations and a force for justice and liberation. While some may become skiddish at political incorrectness, many more will not, and additionally, those who appear frightened only do so due to an excessive preoccupation with formality.  If we lead them, and show them the norms they have been intimidated into publicly paying lip service to are null and void and hurting us, they will come to our side fully.

We have, in fact, a unique advantage: we have both the scientific facts and the beautiful ideas on our side. There is no need to pigeonhole ourselves into one or the other, or fear aesthetic, excitement and emotion. Arousing the human senses and spirit while also supporting its brain is what leads to mass political involvement. Nobody has ever taken to the streets to challenge their conditions over something most white people implicitly or explicitly already know, no political change has ever had a PowerPoint on IQ differences as its catalyst.

That is not to say intellectual and scientific work isn’t an important part of our struggle. But the tendency between the intellectual and less intellectual dispositions is to separate, rather than synergize through discipline, mutual appreciation, and respect for our equal yet different skills and talents.

We must show our people courage and commitment, as the Sacramento Spartans did. Triumphs of the will such as their must be repeated by all of us.


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