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How to Not Get Doxed
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How to Not Get Doxed

By Sig Runa |

Probably the biggest impediment for most alt-righters to becoming active is the possibility of having one’s personal info published by antifa or other anti-whites. This is known as doxing. Since this poses a threat to the livelihood of many of us, it is an important part of being an activist to know how to avoid being doxed – unless you are intending to go public with your ideals.

This document was written by someone who is very good at personal security. While offering proof of that claim is impossible because I would inevitably have to dox myself to substantiate my claim, I can assure you that my info is so secure that even a Google search with my full name and address will turn up nothing. I am likewise not to be found on any of the popular people search engines such as Spokeo or Intellius.

I am not an expert in this type of security, but I seem to have inadvertently become very good at it, since it is so hard to find me. With that in mind, I will present you with my list of tips to make yourself like me in this respect. Please do not take this as definitive, expert advice – it is just everything I can think of that I have done to result in the situation that exists now. With that being said, here are my recommendations: 

Search yourself on Spokeo, Intellius and any other people search engine you can find (including Google). These sites have forms for having your data removed (and despite what some may claim, they do, in fact, work – but I don’t think Google has such a form, to be clear). If you find your data on these sites, file to have it removed.

Delete all social media accounts that contain real information about you. This is the number one way for enemies to find information out about you. I understand that some people need their Facebook or whatever accounts for various good reasons. I would suggest making an anonymous one if there is a legitimate need to have one at all.

If you will not go anonymous, then you should at least do this: Go into account security and set everything at its most secure levels possible. Make sure, in particular, that your account is not indexed by search engines and that only Friends of Friends can search for you. Also remove all personally-identifying info from your page, ESPECIALLY YOUR WORKPLACE!! Also your city, where you went to school, your political and religious views, birthday – everything. You need to also go to your “Likes” and other personal data fields and click the settings button and make sure to set all of them to “only me.” Note that I am not certain if this will prevent Facebook showing your friends in their newsfeed when you like or comment on individual posts, so be careful with that. Finally, I recommend removing all pictures that show your face.

Make sure that any accounts you have online do not contain any personal info about you whatsoever. Sometimes people want to put their location on their alt-right Twitter account so that they can network with other local alt-righters. In that case, put your region, like “northwestern Oregon” or “NYC area.” This generalization will be good enough for locals to get in touch with you, but not specific enough for antifa to definitively tie you to any other information.

Anti-whites rely on stray bits of information you leave lying around the internet. They piece these together like a trail of breadcrumbs to build up a dossier on you. If you are astute, you will notice that this means that any one piece of information, in a vacuum, will not be enough to dox you. Any given piece of info about you has to be linked to another piece of info to become useful. However, in the end, all that info has to link back to some real identification of you, personally, to allow for a doxing. For instance, if antifa has your name, but nothing else, that won’t be enough to dox you (unless you have a very uncommon name). Your location is not enough to dox you, nor is your picture. Probably the most sensitive piece of information is your address, but that also would not truly dox you unless you live alone.

The best way to understand how to avoid having this happen to you is to think like a doxer. What is the first piece of information you are likely to have? Probably either a social media account, or a picture. We’ll deal with those in order. Unless you have put sensitive personal info on your social media account, it probably isn’t going to hurt you (note that comments you have made also count! It is trivial for a savvy doxer to do a Google search that cross-references your social media handle with any other information they have on you, like your city, to start to pick up more clues about you). The biggest problem on your social media account is likely to be something you might not consider immediately: Your username.

A username is one of the most helpful ways in this world to dox someone. Online handles tend to be much more unique than real names. I have, in the past, used handles that turn up much more information than my real name. If I know your username for anything – Twitter, Steam, Discord, TRS, TDS etc. - I can punch it into Google and have an answer in less than one second about whether you have good personal security or not. The key is to make sure that any online handle you use stays absolutely separate from any “normie” information. If all the doxer gets is a list of other alt-right sites you’ve posted on, but no personal info, then all they’ve accomplished is to find your accounts elsewhere online, which doesn’t mean much in and of itself (as long as you haven’t revealed any sensitive information on those other accounts!). It may be a good exercise to search your own usernames on Google and see if they link to any compromising information you might not have remembered posting.

However, hopefully you can see that it is EXTREMELY important to make sure that you are using purposed usernames. If you have a handle you use on TRS, alt-right Discord channels and the Stormer comments section, don’t go using that on normie sites, or else you will create a link between your normie self and your fashy self. If you want maximum security, use a different username for everything.

Next comes pictures. Believe it or not, having your picture taken by the enemy is nearly meaningless. There are billions of people on this planet, and many of them look a lot like you. The only real use a picture has is to either reverse-search on Google Images and hope for the best, or to put on paper and post around the city in the hopes of outing you to your friends. This goes to show that it is advisable NOT to go too crazy around where you live. If your picture gets posted up in a town 50 miles away, it will likely not affect you. If it gets put on the lightpole outside the office where you work, you may have a problem. Also note that having your real picture on any publicly-searchable social media account, or likewise a social media account with too many friends (which might as well be publicly-searchable) also provides an opportunity for a picture to become useful. Finally, pictures become more useful the more of them there are. If you are at every rally, every street demonstration, and constantly having your picture taken, then your picture will start to spread more and more and it becomes increasingly more likely that someone who can identify you will see it.

That said, there are ways to make pictures even less useful for the enemy. Wearing sunglasses and a hat helps. A coat also helps to make your actual body shape more undefined. Try to dress in as non-descript of a way as possible. The more unique your clothing is, the more identifiable you are (remember, identifying someone simply means differentiating them from all the other humans on Earth).

It should go without saying that you need to use pseudonyms online, for comments sections etc. It should also go without saying that openly wearing fashy clothing in public will make you a target for doxing. Being attacked by antifa on the spot is far less of a worry than having one of them follow you and see what house you go into, or taking a picture of your license plate.

Speaking of that, let’s move on to on-foot security. Doxing isn’t just about protecting yourself online. Probably the best way you could hope to dox someone would be by following them in real life. Remember, the Holy Grail of doxing is to obtain an address. If you are followed home, you have just given the enemy the exact location where you live. Even if they don’t follow you all the way home, they can get a picture of your car, including the license plate. While I have never paid for the service, websites exist which claim to return vehicle information for a fee. If the antifa doxer is willing to pay, they could unlock a lot of useful info on you from this, assuming these sites actually have the information they claim (I can confirm that I have been able to find a site that returns accurate make, model, year and VIN from a license plate). Even if they don’t, just having that plate number means that your car can now be identified (and targeted) any time, anywhere that in-the-know antifa happen to be.

The best way to avoid being followed is to be inconspicuous. Do not wear fashy clothing, and do not get seen putting up propaganda (activism stealth is beyond the scope of this document, but you are well advised to learn it). On your way out, check behind you and make sure no car is making all the same turns as you – or if you’re walking, check over your shoulder every once in a while. Also DO NOT have ANY political bumper stickers – or any bumper stickers at all – on your car. Remaining inconspicuous also obviously involves being VERY careful about what you say at work!

Since it is relevant to avoiding having your picture taken, I will say this one thing regarding stealthy activism: Reconnoiter any place you plan to place propaganda, being particularly careful to note any cameras. Do not look directly at any cameras, either during recon or ESPECIALLY during posting. If possible, wear different clothes to recon and to post. Finally, if you must go near a camera, WEAR A HAT and tuck your head down when near the camera. If it is one of those cameras with the spherical black covers where you can’t (easily) see the lens, assume it has a 360-degree view! A laser pointer shined into a camera’s lens will also blind it.

This covers everything I can think of involving how I have managed to immunize myself to doxing. To summarize, I would say this: Any time you go to post something online, ask yourself how it links back to you. Think like someone who is trying to dox you. Assume everything you post on the internet will be saved in an antifa database and analyzed for connections to any real people (because it will). Are you giving them enough information to form an identity of you? Or anybody else? Have you given them enough info to figure out any place you go regularly, where they might follow you to your car or house? It is all about the links – the trail of breadcrumbs. Make sure that trail doesn’t lead back to you.


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