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Identities of 650 Antifa Members Who Attended Charlottesville Were Just Released
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Identities of 650 Antifa Members Who Attended Charlottesville Were Just Released


A list containing 650 names of Antifa members who attended “Unite The Right” in Charlottesville last August has been compiled. It took the media months for them to stop reporting on how absolutely evil the Alt-Right is, never once focusing on the Antifa members who were the cause of all the drama. 

Now a list has been compiled of several individuals who took part in the rally from the left. People like Lacy MacAuley, Daryle Lamont Jenkins, Spencer George Sunshine, and John Michael Carico are listed as leaders. Oddly enough, it appears that although groups like Antifa preach love and total equality, they tend to have more men as leaders. Hypocrisy much?  

Others like Marcus Martin, Alexis Morris, and Noelle Morris have their names listed as injured, and who would have been responsible for that other than themselves? For the most part, the Alt-Right tried to keep their distance from the opposing group, only when the police pushed them into the crowd did they have confrontation. From a logical point, this makes sense. These groups have nothing in common and the Alt-Right didn’t even want them to be there. Any “injury” Antifa received was of their own doing.  

Many violent Antifa members are also listed as arrested or convicted. Deandre Shakur Harris, Corey Alexander Long, (Flamethrower) Troy Thomas Dunigan, Jacob Leigh Smith, Edgar Brandon Collins, and many others got in trouble with the law for getting violent at the rally. It looks like they’re taking their code of conduct “by any means necessary” and “no peace” to heart.  

David Holtz, a proud supporter of Antifa, took the battle off the streets and into social media when he tweeted: “Except that whites actually DON’T deserve a homeland. You have terrorized the planet for ever. You should be enslaved and raped to death.”  

But luckily Twitter actually did something for once and suspended his account.  

Now that this list has been released to the public and the vast majority of them appear to be psychopaths, will the mainstream media acknowledge this, or will they keep talking about how evil it is to be pro-white? Whether we agree entirely with the Alt-Right’s beliefs is irrelevant, the fact is Antifa has been proven several times to be a domestic terrorist organization and yet the mainstream media still sing their praises. When will the madness end? 




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