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Implicit Race War
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Implicit Race War

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Editor's Note: The video version of this essay can be found here.

America is coming undone.

And by now,  I think it’s safe to say that we’ve passed the point of no return. To half of the country, Trump is a savior; to the other half, he is literally Hitler.

This alone tells us that America is no longer a cohesive nation, but rather an economic zone wherein two drastically different coalitions are currently vying for power.

But Trump isn’t to blame, for America’s fate was sealed in 1965.

Contrary to what mainstream conservatives and liberals might say, Trump is not the cause of this division; he merely brought this simmering conflict to the surface.

By daring to tell the truth about immigration, globalism, and multiculturalism, he gave a voice to White America – a demographic that, prior to his arrival, was seemingly content to go quietly into the night.

America is fracturing along implicitly racial lines.

By this, of course, I mean the conflict is not Whites versus non-Whites. Instead, it is Trump supporters – 90% White – versus the Left, which is a coalition of sexual degenerates, social justice warriors, criminals, and wealthy elites.

While there are undeniably many traitorous Whites on the Left, they are acting against their ethnic interests. Most minorities will side with the Left, for it is in their ethnic interests to oppose White America.

It’s true that we, the Alt-Right, are the head to the body of Trump populism. We have answers for questions that most mainstream Trump supporters haven’t even begun to ponder.

However, we are part of a much larger struggle: the struggle against the Leftist oligarchy otherwise known as globalism.

To clarify, I am not arguing for the inclusion of non-Whites or civic nationalists into the Alt-Right. To do so would run the risk of losing our cohesion and sense of purpose.

But I do want the Alt-Right to see itself in the grand scheme of things. If it does come to the streets – which it looks like it will – it won’t be the Alt-Right versus the Left. It will be Trump supporters versus the Left.

It’s easy to focus on the differences between mainstream Trump supporters and the Alt-Right – for there are surely many. But while we might have drastically different visions for America, we currently share the same enemy – the Left, which seeks to destroy everything wholesome, traditional, and virtuous in the world.

In other words, to defeat the Left, we’ll need to recognize that we can’t do it alone. Indeed, sharing a common enemy is the only way the Left – which is in reality not a single ideology but a cacophony of oppositional and contradictory ideologies – can work effectively.


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