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Las Vegas Shooter’s Suite Reportedly Shows Paddock Wired the Rooms for Live Web Streaming
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Las Vegas Shooter’s Suite Reportedly Shows Paddock Wired the Rooms for Live Web Streaming


Las Vegas Police brass are fuming that crime-scene images from inside Stephen Paddock’s suite at Mandalay Bay were leaked, including photos reportedly divulging an Ethernet cable snaked along the baseboards of the room’s floor.

On Tuesday, police and FBI confirmed Paddock captured the chaos of the shooting inside his Mandalay Bay hotel suite on video cameras. True Pundit also reported FBI officials confirmed the Bureau is investigating whether and where Paddock likely streamed live footage.

FBI sources had said the Mandalay Bay shooter may have used the hotel’s WiFi or hard-wired internet backbone to stream the footage offshore.

Now, one day later, images have surfaced reportedly showing a long Ethernet extension cord strewn along the carpet and baseboard of the room, according to police photos that have gone public. The wiring — and other evidence withheld by federal agents — helps back investigator’s beliefs that the suspect hard-wired a live feed of his rampage on the hotel’s internet backbone.

Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said the leaked photos showing the wiring inside the suite door were authentic and indeed leaked from the law enforcement evidence cache.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo fumed at the breach. He said his department will investigate how the photos were leaked.

FBI sources would not divulge what international locations Paddock may have streamed content and a likely live feed.

Paddock has been linked to wiring hefty amounts of US funds to the Philippines, Australia and possibly the Middle East, federal law enforcement sources said.

Paddock used excessive Mandalay-Bay internet bandwidth during his multiple-day stay in the resort’s suite, FBI sources confirmed.

FBI sources said they also confiscated Paddock’s captured video feeds as part of evidence after the shooter apparently committed suicide.









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