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Metapolitical Milk
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Metapolitical Milk

By Mundilfury

This past week some Alt-Right pranksters, reminiscent of Übermensch Alex and his Droogs from A Clockwork Orange, were out looking for some of that ole metapolitical non-violent, ultra-violence. While they weren’t playing hogs-of-the-road, they were playing hogs-of-the-camera as they decided that rather than dividing us, Shia LaBoeuf’s short lived, four-year-long live stream at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City would serve as a showcase of Alt-Right and 4chan pranks gone right. They even decided that they would bring the Korova Milk Bar with them by having a drink of one of the West’s favorite beverages at the outdoor art exhibit. They yelled slogans, chanted, and drank large quantities of milk from gallon jugs.  Representatives of the Alt-Right such as Mike Enoch, contributors to The Right Stuff (TRS Goys), and famed Alt-Right animator and Red Ice correspondent Emily Youcis along with allies amongst the 4chan and far-right crowds made appearances at the installation. Mike Enoch and other TRS Goys offered up a delicious plate of deep-fried tendies to the camera, another symbolic Alt-Right, /pol/ commodity. Although tendies remain hidden from the normie gaze, milk has become synonymous with “white supremacy” according to fretful members of the Leftist press; and yet, at the same time, milk has become another genuine symbol of the Alt-Right. 

While Leftist journalists wrongly and reductively dismiss the researches of 4chan users as unsubstantiated racism, there is merit to the notion that milk is part of ancient Indo-European expansionist success.  University of New Brunswick professor Richardo Duchesne in his comprehensive historiographical work entitled The Uniqueness of Western Civilization and a paper entitled “Indo-Europeans Were the Most Historically Significant Nomads of the Steppes,” suggests that the Indo-Europeans “thoroughly colonized Europe with their original pastoral package of wheeled vehicles, horse-riding, and chariots, combined with their “secondary-products revolution.”  Duchesne states that the Indo-Europeans’ “secondary -products revolution” occurred during 3500-3000 B.C. “and refers to the efficient exploitation of the ‘secondary products’ of domestic animals, dairy products (butter, milk, and cheese), textiles (wool), as well as the harnessing of animals to wheeled vehicles, the use of yokes and ploughs, and the domestication and riding of horses.” Similarly, distinguished retired professor and Alt-Right intellectual, Kevin MacDonald, drew upon the work of Duchesne during lectures in 2015-16 and interviews with Red Ice, in which he discussed self-destructive altruism and the psychological mechanism for White dispossession. To this very day, people of European stock, White people, have the least instances of lactose intolerance. It is a unique feature of our physiology and is derivative of our Indo-European heritage.

The aristocratic nature of these Indo-European men is linked directly with the secondary-products revolution. Duchesne states that “the aristocratic ethos was explained…in connection to this pastoral lifestyle, which included fierce competition for grazing rights, constant alertness in the defense of one’s portable wealth, and an expansionist disposition in a world in which competing herdsmen were motivated to seek new pastures as well as tempted to take the movable wealth of their neighbors. This life of horsemanship, conflict and raids, brought to the fore certain mental dispositions, including aggressiveness and individualism, in the sense that each individual, in this hyper-masculine oriented atmosphere, needed to become as much a warrior as a herds-man…the fight to the death for pure prestige was the primordially defining trait of aristocratic virtue.”

The link between milk and aristocratic virtue can be seen in literary and cinematic symbolism as well. Milk as a symbol can denote purity, wholesomeness, virtue, innocence, and youth. In A Clockwork Orange, Alex, his Droogs, and everyone else frequenting the Korova Milk Bar drinks milk laced with intoxicants. The symbolism suggests that the havoc wrecked by Alex and his retinue was done by young people, that their very youth, innocence, aristocratic virtue, and purity had been corrupted. Yet much like the aristocratic and warlike nature of the Indo-European warrior chieftains, there is something fiercely regal about Alex himself. He is a risk-taking leader of men not afraid of using violence and conscious of his reputation amongst his fellows.

In the film No Country For Old Men, based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name, Javier Bardem’s character, Anton Chigurh, searches for Llewelyn Moss who absconded with a satchel of Mexican drug cartel money, which serves as the film’s MacGuffin. In one scene in particular, when he realizes that Moss is absent from his mobile trailer home, Chigurh retrieves a bottle of milk from the refrigerator, sits down on the chesterfield and stares eerily into the blank tv set all the while holding onto the bottle. Perhaps the scene is symbolic of Chigurh’s dark power over purity and goodness; and yet Chigurh himself possesses an evil nobility of his own. Although we do not see Chigurh drink from the bottle on screen, it is as if he has respect for the aristocratic virtue of his pursuer, Sherriff Ed Tom Bell, played by Tommy Lee Jones. In the subsequent closely linked scene, Sherriff Bell, happens upon the same bottle of milk “still sweating” on the coffee table. He declares “now that’s aggravating” to his deputy and then takes a glass from the cupboard. He is shown drinking from the glass and the scene ends. He imbibes the embodiment of virtue, a “secondary product” of his pursuit of Chigurh. In biblical symbolism, milk often denotes the unadulterated word of God. Perhaps God was speaking to Jones’ character, for it was implied at that moment that Sherriff Bell felt over-matched.

In one of the final scenes of the movie, Jones’ character tells his Uncle Ellis that he thought when he got older, God would come into his life somehow, but he hadn’t. It is quite possible that God was hiding his messages more subtly. Perhaps it wasn’t a bolt from the blue, but a bottle of milk that conveyed God’s true thoughts. It is telling, however, that whilst recounting his decision to retire from his virtuous life as a law man he was drinking rancid black coffee.

Milk has been present in an uncanny way over the last two weeks.  Red Ice’s new resident nutritionist and homemaker, the Blonde Buttermaker, produced a how-to-make video about kefir, an ancient Indo-European beverage, and another about almond milk. These milk-based beverages are not only helpful dietetically, but represent the ability of people of European heritage to digest lactose. On her personal blog, she makes the case for good nutrition and links it quite rightly to the improvement of our quality of life.  The metapolitical fight needs healthy meme-soldiers, after all.

Perhaps most importantly, from an Alt-Right identitarian perspective, milk has become a symbol of White identity.  Seemingly innocuous symbols like pepe the frog, Bonhomme tobogganing the Kali Yuga, Nordic runes, milk, anime characters, tendies, retrowave futuristic graphics, and Wendy’s burgers, are increasingly becoming part of White identity. Every symbol helps. Modes of dress, undercut hairstyles, dress suits and Trump hats have become symbols of the Alt-Right as well. This is a good thing. While milk is a quirky identitarian symbol, the magic of metapolitics will help us take back the West one delicious commodity at a time. Like the English language, Alt-Right symbols and terminology have a hardened core but its lexicon has no known circumference as its scope and power in the culture grows. Milk may be a unique point of entry into White Identity, but it is none-the-less apt as it is linked to our aristocratic Indo-European past.  We have taken another small step toward inculcating what the late Sam Francis called White Racial Consciousness.


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