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Nationalist Rally Marred by ANTIFA Violence
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Nationalist Rally Marred by ANTIFA Violence


Violence broke out as anti-fascist protesters clashed with police and nationalist demonstrators, when the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) staged a provocative march through Gothenburg on Saturday, 30 September 2017.

Dozens of arrests were made after nationalists clashed with police officers.

Yet it was “Antifa” who instigated the vast majority of unrest in Sweden’s second largest city. Before coming face to face with the NRM, they were already seen throwing smoke bombs and vandalising public property.

Many in the media and political elite had complained that the NRM were even permitted to hold a demonstration today, not least because of their fear that such a movement may upset Gothenburg’s Jewish residents.

Despite the very vocal opposition, the nationalists were permitted by police to hold their rally, after Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord stated that the majority of public disturbance at political gatherings is caused by left-wing extremists anyway. He rightly went on to say there was no reason to believe the Nordic Resistance Movement had any intention of causing violence.

It’s well known that the Nordic Resistance Movement has very high standards in terms of how their member should conduct themselves in public. Alcohol is banned for instance, as is any form of hooliganism like the kind we so often see at Zionist-funded “nationalist” demonstrations in other parts of the continent.

However, a number of NRM members were arrested by police today, after they responded to particularly harsh treatment by the authorities. Of course, defending oneself against politically motivated police brutality is a crime in this sordid day and age.

One heartening sign today was the locals’ response to Antifa’s public demonstration of thuggery. Many reports suggest that local Gothenburg residents physically countered the left-wing terror group, in order to prevent them from wreaking their usual destruction.

And of course this well-attended demonstration is another promising sign that nationalism is alive and well in Europe. The media and political elite’s attempts to clamp down on the free expression of patriotism sweeping the continent has proved thus far ineffective at halting the swing away from their globalist dystopian ideologies.

William writes for Defend Evropa please support their efforts.


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