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New World Order Globalist and Grey Cardinal Zbigniew Brzezinski Dies at 89
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New World Order Globalist and Grey Cardinal Zbigniew Brzezinski Dies at 89

By Henrik Palmgren |

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the hawkish New World Order strategic theorist, died on Friday at a hospital in Virginia. He was 89.

He was probably most known for being the national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter in the tumultuous years of the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1970s.

He was less known for being a considerable influence in global affairs, both before and long after his official tour of duty in the White House. Despite whitewashing much of Brzezinski's career, the New York Times admits that he had a lot of fingers in a lot of pies on the global stage and meddled in international affairs.

He was accused of being the puppet master and the real power behind Obama's 8 year presidency, a period when America advanced the New World Order agenda, probably more than under any other president.

Plenty of sources have been written declaring him as the architect of the "New World Order", a "Grey Cardinal" and the Evil Spirit behind 5 US Presidents.

Perhaps to most people's surprise, Brzezinski was also the arcitect of Al-queda and the Taliban.

He supported billions in military aid for Islamic militants (Al-queda) in Afghanistan when they were fighting the Soviet union, as this video explains:

One of the most "important" contributions of Brzezinski was when he founded The Trilateral Commission, in 1973 together with David Rockefeller. The Trilateral Commission embarked on a New International Economic Order based on Technocracy. Brzezinski called this the "Technetronic Era" in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages.

Listen to this lecture on the Technetronic Era and The Trilateral Commission by Patrick Wood for a better understanding of Brzezinski positions and influence:  

He spoke quite openly about his vision for the globalized world. A few of his books we'd recommended is The Grand Chessboard (audiobook) and Between Two Ages: Americas Role in the Technotronic Era (audiobook).

A key point is that despite all of Zbigniew's nefarious meddling behind the scenes, he recognized that - ever since the age of the internet - the globalists have been losing ground. He was fearful of the ongoing political awakening, mostly because it made his job of internationalizing the world difficult:

Brzezinski also realized that "Populist Resistance" is derailing the New World Order. (He's talking about the rise of Nationalism, and the anti-globalist resistance).

Here he is talking about the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission: 

Some more tidbits from Zbigniew's ideas: 

There is a lot more to Zbigniew's work, but it seems that the positive trend of Nationalism and the rise of the anti-Globalist movement had people like Brzezinski and his cohorts on the run. Just last year it was revealed that Brzezinski was giving up on the idea of empire and instead started talking about a "Global Realignment," whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

We can conclude with saying that the world will most likely be a much better place without Brzezinski's meddling. He created nothing but instability for the nations and the people within those nations.

We need to undo the damage that Zbigniew and other globalist Bilderberger's have done and move towards national sovereignty once again.


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