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Notre Dame Lights a Fire
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Notre Dame Lights a Fire


Beginning the process of rebuilding doesn't require ideal conditions.

The rebuilding of the west, the restoring of all that's best and brightest within us, starts from the *inside* out... it starts with awakening a collective will to again look upwards. Everything is downstream from this, including politics and culture: when the internal world is properly constructed, the external world takes shape accordingly, as a reflection/projection.

If the collective will exists, we're capable of solving *any* problem, no matter how significant. This includes the revitalization of spirit, in the face of wholly degenerate materialism and financial parasitism and reductionist nihilism, and the salvaging of any situation, no matter how grim.

I can't help but feel this collective will is beginning to take shape across the western world, and eyes are being opened to the significance of the struggle we face... the blood of those who built these magnificent structures, who knew (and lived) the true meaning of self-sacrifice, still flows in our veins, the cultural heritage still lurks in our subconscious waiting to be rediscovered.

Find it within you, and help others find it within themselves, even just as a living example, and the tide will turn.

Remember, this is what (and whom) they think about when they contemplate the preservation and restoration of art, architecture and even beauty and civilization itself: 

The Daily Beast writes about why Notre Dame should be redesigned with an ugly modern twist, just so that right-wingers will be upset


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