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NYC Bomber’s "Revenge Attack" Video (Shahzad’s charade continues)
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NYC Bomber’s "Revenge Attack" Video (Shahzad’s charade continues)

By Henrik Palmgren |
Times Square bomb plot suspect video threatens US

The man arrested for plotting a car bombing in New York’s Times Square appeared in a video on Al-Arabiya television on Wednesday in which he said he planned to attack the United States.

"This attack on the United States will be a revenge for all the mujahedeen (holy warriors) ... and oppressed Muslims, including ... Abu Musab al-Zarqawi," the late leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, said Faisal Shahzad.

The recording, whose authenticity could not immediately be confirmed, was made in English and had an Arabic voiceover.

"I will carry this attack on their behalf, and I hope that it will please Muslims," the Pakistani-American Shahzad said in the first video linking him to the abortive May 1 bomb plot and Al-Qaeda.

"With jihad (holy war), the basis of Islam can be enforced and the word of Allah and his religion will prevail," he said.

"Abandoning jihad destroys the religion and puts Muslims in an insulting position as they get robbed of land and authority," he added.

Dressed in Afghan fighters-like attire with a black turban and trimmed beard, Shahzad appeared in a video that carried the "Umar Media" brand, with an AK-47 rifle apparently added by video editing to his left.

"Eight years have passed since the war in Afghanistan. You will see that the Muslims’ war has just started, and we will tell you how Islam will spread all over the world," he said, reading at some point from a book.

Dubai-based Al-Arabiya said the video was 40-minutes long. It said Shahzad appeared in the video with Faqir Mohammed, the Taliban leader in Pakistan’s region of Bajaur, but such footage was not aired.

Shahzad, 30, who was charged with international terrorism, allegedly drove a Nissan sports utility vehicle crammed with a large but malfunctioning bomb into Manhattan’s busiest neighbourhood, as thousands flocked to theatres and tourist attractions.

He was arrested just before his flight left New York’s JFK airport and 53 hours after police found the homemade bomb smouldering in the SUV parked outside a theatre staging "The Lion King" musical.

The notorious Zarqawi, who orchestrated a bloody campaign of attacks and beheadings, was killed north of Baghdad in a US air strike in 2006 after long eluding capture as Iraq’s most-wanted fugitive.

News reports at the time of his arrest said Shahzad lived in Connecticut and had recently returned from a five-month trip to Pakistan including the city of Peshawar, a known jumping off point for Al-Qaeda and Taliban recruits.

The only group to have claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing was the Pakistani militant group Tehreek-e-Taliban.

New York has been on constant watch for potential attacks since the September 11, 2001, airliner attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, killing almost 3,000 people.

Article from:

Al Arabiya airs failed Times Square bomber tape

Video from:

In the title, I used "Shahzad’s charade continues" from an excellent article that supposes how Faisal Shahzad seems to be performing better than the US government and intelligence agencies could ever dream of - how lucky for them!

Shahzad’s charade continues - By Jerry Mazza

This has been a strange and confounding case since the very beginning moments.

Shahzad is the son of a well-off former senior official in the Pakistan Air Force, holding the rank of Air Vice-Marshal (the equivalent of a two-star general), and Faisal was well educated - he attended the University of Bridgeport, Conn., where he received a B.A. in computer science and engineering.

At some point in his life in the United States he became radicalized according the investigators, and set about creating the ’weapon of mass destruction’ - the faulty bomb - assembling alarm clocks, fireworks, and the wrong type of fertilizer.
Investigators believe Shahzad purposely "dumbed down" the bomb - using the less potent fertilizer and M88 firecrackers -"to avoid detection."

Why would a violent and radicalized "Muslim Soldier" with a military family and an educated background in engineering create a bomb he was certain would fail? What was the real purpose of the scare that day?

Now video has been provided that reveals a radical, violent, Muslim "holy warrior", and yet Shahzad’s identity cannot be confirmed and there is an "AK-47 rifle apparently added by video editing to his left."

Is there more video editing that is not immediately apparent?
What are we to believe when even the credibility and authenticity of the Bin Laden tapes are in question by analysts and CIA officials alike (see story below):

"The top American Bin Laden expert agrees. Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies Department, has just finished a book of translations of Bin Laden’s speeches. He says the recent tape is a fake and that Bin Laden has been dead for years. (ABC 2004)." Source

This new strange evidence raises more questions than it answers. Perhaps Faisal Shahzad is exactly what he seems - disgruntled, disillusioned Muslim who wanted to strike out at those he saw as oppressors, yet he was comically inept at explosives (not unlike the Underwear Bomber, and the Shoe Bomber).

Perhaps he was all this, and yet compassionate at the end, wanting only to draw attention to the ’plight of his people’ and not actually harm any Americans.

Perhaps he was the perfect candidate, hand picked by US Intel, to reinforce the "War On Terror" agenda.

Note the reminder of 9/11 at the end of the Yahoo article. The inclusion of 9/11 is an indicator that they want you to associate Faisal Shahzad with terror and death - even before he’s been tried.

Perhaps this goes much deeper and is more complicated than we’ll ever know.

CIA unit’s wacky idea! (Fake Videos Depicting Saddam as a pedophile)
By Jeff Stein |

During planning for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the CIA’s Iraq Operations Group kicked around a number of ideas for discrediting Saddam Hussein in the eyes of his people.

One was to create a video purporting to show the Iraqi dictator having sex with a teenage boy, according to two former CIA officials familiar with the project.

“It would look like it was taken by a hidden camera,” said one of the former officials. “Very grainy, like it was a secret videotaping of a sex session.”

The idea was to then “flood Iraq with the videos,” the former official said.

Another idea was to interrupt Iraqi television programming with a fake special news bulletin. An actor playing Hussein would announce that he was stepping down in favor of his (much-reviled) son Uday.

“I’m sure you will throw your support behind His Excellency Uday,” the fake Hussein would intone.

The spy agency’s Office of Technical Services collaborated on the ideas, which also included inserting fake “crawls” -- messages at the bottom of the screen -- into Iraqi newscasts.

The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees,” he said.

Eventually, “things ground to a halt,” the other former officer said, because no one could come to agreement on the projects.

They also faced strong opposition from James Pavitt, then head of the agency’s Operations Division, and his deputy, Hugh Turner, who “kept throwing darts at it.”

The ideas were patently ridiculous, said the other former agency officer.

“They came from people whose careers were spent in Latin America or East Asia” and didn’t understand the cultural nuances of the region.

“Saddam playing with boys would have no resonance in the Middle East -- nobody cares,” agreed a third former CIA official with extensive experience in the region. “Trying to mount such a campaign would show a total misunderstanding of the target. We always mistake our own taboos as universal when, in fact, they are just our taboos.”

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, declined to confirm the accounts, or deny them.

"While I can’t confirm these accounts, if these ideas were ever floated by anyone at any time, they clearly didn’t go anywhere," the official said.

The reality, the former officials said, was that the agency really didn’t have enough money and expertise to carry out the projects.

“The military took them over,” said one. “They had assets in psy-war down at Ft. Bragg,” at the army’s special warfare center.

“The agency got rid of most of its non-paramilitary covert action in the 1980s, after Bill Casey died,” said the third former official. “He was a big fan of covert action, but neither Bob Gates, who succeeded him as acting [CIA] director, or any after him, wanted anything to do with it.”

“There was a flurry of activity during the first Gulf War,” the official added, “but [Gen. Norman] Schwarzkopf made it clear he had to approve everything, and he basically approved nothing, except, reluctantly at first, surrender leaflets. By the late ’90s there were very few people left who knew anything about covert action or how to do it. “

The leaflets also had “unintended consequences,” the former official added.

“In the perverted logic of Iraq, the Iraqi soldiers decided they had to have a leaflet to surrender, so they fought us to get one."

According to histories of the 2003 invasion, the single most effective “information warfare” project, which originated in the Pentagon, was to send faxes and e-mails to Iraqi unit commanders as the fighting began, telling them their situation was hopeless, to round up their tanks, artillery and men, and go home.

Many did.

Article from:

While the CIA in this article were yucking it up, and dreaming up new and exciting ways to falsely implicate Saddam (as if he didn’t have his own laundry list of morally offensive and criminal behaviors), who exactly were going to be the lucky boys forced into sexual acts with "...some of [the] darker-skinned employees"?

No expenses spared for the CIA. Not even the lives of Iraqi boys.

This article not only reveals the mindsets and methods of the CIA’s Iraq Operations Group, but it also gives support to the cries of fakery in reference to the Bin Laden tapes.

The CIA had means, motive, and opportunity to fake those tapes, and any other tapes since that time.


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