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On Jihad and G-had
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On Jihad and G-had


The use of the letter “G” in the above G-had, is meant to represent “G” as used in the hip-hop subculture of gangster rap music, made popular in the 1990s with Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG, among others, whos lyrics essentially glorified a life of criminality.  Warren G, also produced an album called “G Funk Era” helping to popularize the term.  “What up G?” is a common greeting for black youths of today who are immersed in street culture.  For those who think the use of the letter “G” (for gangsta) is similarly offensive to “thug” in that it is dog whistle racism (to use a popular term) for black people, I suppose it could be construed as such, no different than the use of the word “bro” is commonly used as dog whistle racism to stereotype white people, only whites don’t get all butt-hurt about it.

In this very bloody summer of 2016, we are currently seeing the dangerous, unholy alliance of Islamic jihad and the more extreme motives of the Black Lives Matter movement, which I am calling G-had.  What this means is that there is a merging of violent factions from Islam and BLM, whose aim is to destroy the West, destroy European identity and the peaceful, white way of life.  The assault is coming from groups that have been agitated and imported through feminist deconstructionism and liberal, leftist, globalist politics, with the wicked goals of cultural marxism being subversively imposed by the elites.  This is only the beginning, and it’s happening so fast if we don’t stop to examine it, we are at a tactical disadvantage for survival.  

Perhaps this would fit Gilad Atzmon’s definition of a “Kosher sandwhich” (Red Ice Radio, July 25, 2016) if you examine the origins of these movements, and the MSM’s obfuscation and covering for the perpetrators and for the constant fanning of the anti-white flames.  But when the enemy horde is at your door, debating origins will only get you killed at this point.  Whether or not the coming race war has been orchestrated by the illuminati or zionists is outside of the scope of this essay.  

Unfortunately we have been hit enough with violent jihad attacks to understand the profile of how this happens in the West: it is generally a maladjusted and disobedient Muslim man, an immigrant, or 2nd generation, with origins to countries embroiled in conflict in the Middle East and North Africa.  They hold on to tenuous and virtual connections to radical teachings from their homeland, radicalized through ISIS and Islamic propaganda.  In the West, they remain unassimilated, and dabble in Western pastimes, and to atone for their sins they go on a day of bloody rampage in hopes Allah will forgive them for their life of disobedience, and to be a martyr to get to paradise where they can have constant sex with young virgin girls.  Essentially a loser, perverted Muslim guy who goes on a one man war in order to end it all in hopes for more lustful pleasures in heaven.  Sick as it is, it’s simple enough to grasp.  There are no “lone wolves” in Islam, the entire cult of Islam is their support system.  It is written in the Qur’an and exemplified by the life of Muhammad.    

 However, we’ve now seen the rise of G-had, where young black men go on a different sort of war against the West.  These young men, or Gs, have been propagandized by Hollywood and the music industry, that promotes a life of violence and criminality, and a hatred for police and white oppression.  It’s a form of subliminal black supremacy that begins to take hold, while the gasoline is poured on the flame with the viral cop killing videos.  The same profile of an angry loser then morphs into a one man death squad hoping to take as many oppressive villains with him as possible.  Welcome to the new world of G-had, similiar to Jihad, but a slightly different flavor.  

The attack on police has been shocking in the past few weeks with Micah Johnson killing 5, and injuring several more, police officers in Dallas during a BLM rally.  The shooter knew exactly when and where the protesters and police would arrive, and planned his deadly attack accordingly, read between the lines: he was likely tipped off by BLM.  He said his goal was to kill whites and kill white cops.  Then we had the Baton Rouge shooting, where a young, black Gavin Long assassinated 3 police officers.  These are just some of the recent cop killings that have taken place.  Make no mistake: the killing of white police is just a proxy for the killing of whites in general and will soon trickle down to the average folk.  

The MSM always tells us that an Islamic terrorist is not really an Islamic terrorist, and that a black supremacist is not really a black supremacist, but increasingly people are waking up to these retarded and mind numbingly stupid lies.

Just this past week, in South Florida, 3 black men were arrested attempting to join ISIS.  In nearly all of the reportage from the MSM, you will find no pictures or description of the wannabe jihadists.  They were actually planning to go to Syria to fight alongside the ISIS army against Western forces, so they weren’t too bright.  This is an odd new development, and will require much speculation and contemplation to come up with an actionable approach.      

We have heard how prison systems in the US convert large numbers of criminal young (mostly) black men, Gs, to Islam.  Upon further study, it appears a similar hope of atonement of sins, and sense personal vigilante justice, is what attracts these men into the cult of Islam while in the prison system.  It’s a perfect match.  It’s also simply a utilitarian use of a religious congregation to further one’s personal goals, with the protective veil of political correctness making scrutiny more difficult.      

Then shockingly, Black Lives Matter protests sprung up in Hyde Park, London, resulting in the assault of police officers and and in Beaumont-sur-Oise, France, that resulted in the torching of the town, and another village nearby.  It is truly baffling, that this corrosive movement would spring up in two European countries, riding the same momentum of the misdirected movement in the US.

It must be mentioned also that an elderly priest was beheaded in front of his church in Normandy as well, by jihadists in France.  The symbolic victory of this attack for jihadists cannot be understated.  It represents a triumph of the caliphate over Christendom.    

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has recently urged its adherents to make special effort to target “areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated…This class of the American community is the majority and it is the one that is in the American leadership.”  This after the Orlando Club Pulse massacre was somehow construed as an anti-gay hate crime, even though Mateen made a massive effort on the phone with 911 explaining his jihadist motives.  

A marxist revolution needs its angry, warring classes to go after the targeted class, in this case white people, for extermination.  What we are seeing is both the organic merging and the intentional synthesis of Islamic Jihad and Black Lives Matter (and other black supremacy groups) in order to attack whites, Europeans, Christians and Western Civilization.  Right now, in the early phases of this synergistic evil, we can only be certain of one thing: being white in the West will become increasingly dangerous, and mass murderers will begin to make targets of oblivious whites, who don’t realize that the mere color of their skin is marking them for destruction by violent extremist people of color.  


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