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Paris: Privileged Chinese Immigrants Culturally Enriched by North Africans
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Paris: Privileged Chinese Immigrants Culturally Enriched by North Africans

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Traditionally, the streets of Paris have been occupied by boring White people.

Over the past few decades, Paris – a city formerly lacking any culture – has been enriched by an influx of African, Middle Eastern, and Asian immigrants.

However, this fabulous cultural tapestry is being threatened by Chinese supremacists.

Daily Express:

The streets of Paris have erupted into inter-migrant strife as North African youths have targeted 'rich' Chinese migrants amid growing tensions.

Police in France recorded more than 200 attacks on Chinese immigrants last year, mostly from hostile migrant gangs.

Thanks to its newfound vibrancy, Paris is enjoying the fruits of diversity and multiculturalism. And among these fruits, ethnic conflict is surely the most rewarding. Nevertheless, Chinese Parisians are still hesitant to fully embrace the enrichment that only African migrants can offer.

This comes amid a growing perception that recent migrants from North Africa have become "too demanding" and consider themselves "victims" who deserve pity.

Contrary to this, the long-standing Chinese community in Paris has gained a reputation for being "hard-working and managing without taxpayer help".

It’s pretty disappointing to see the The Daily Express imply that North Africans are not, in fact, eternal victims. I wonder if the author of this piece – likely a neo-fascist White supremacist – is even aware of the highly advanced, spacefaring civilization that existed in Africa prior to European colonization?

In a report from German channel DW, a Chinese migrant named Woo described how a gang of North African youths attacked him in his home last November.

He said that the yobs threatened him and his wife with a knife and smashed his head, after which broke in and stole his valuables.

He added: "I am scared. I don’t feel safe anymore."

Yvon Sun, who works as a liaison for the Chinese community in Paris, echoed these remarks and said among a rise of recent assaults, a gang of African migrants had robbed a pair of young children under 10 years old and threatened them with a knife.

In August last year, a Chinese man was killed in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers after being attacked during a botched robbery.

Have we ruled out these Chinese immigrants being White supremacists? It’s hard to imagine North African migrants acting violently without being provoked by recitations of Mein Kampf or drawings of Muhammad copulating with animals.

While the crime rate grows, local migrants from North Africa have been unafraid to voice their prejudices.

One told the programme: "That’s the way it is. I don’t like the Chinese."

Another added: "The Chinese have become too rich in France. That’s not fair. They have nice clothes and big cars."

Were these wonderful North Africans not being directly oppressed by both White and Chinese supremacy, they would surely all be doctors, lawyers, and physicists.

Unfortunately, Chinese immigrants are hoarding wealth that rightfully belongs to the poor, oppressed migrants.

See, Chinese immigrants are seen as being intelligent and productive. This perception boosts their self-esteem, and helps them succeed.

Meanwhile, African immigrants are seen as being stupid and lazy. This perception harms their self-esteem, and prevents them from succeeding.

There are many other reasons for this disparity, but whatever the cause, it’s definitely not IQ differences. IQ, as we all know, is a creation of White supremacist scientists designed to make Asians and Jews look smart.

Despite this visible hostility, police have largely refused to intervene while locals have complained that security services rarely investigate many of the crimes.

Guylain Chevrier, a French sociologist, said the pattern quickly emerged following the refugee wave last year.

He said: "The Chinese community is thought to be a community where things go well, where people manage on their own.

"This is compared to other immigrants who are much more demanding and consider themselves as victims."

Mr Chevrier added that authorities often took an extremely "passive attitude" toward anything going on within "Muslim communities".

Mr. Chevrier is clearly a closeted fascist if he believes that authorities aren’t directly oppressing Muslim communities.

Regardless, it is time for Chinese immigrants in Paris to accept their privilege, and began redistributing their wealth to their African brothers and sisters.


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