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Pathological altruism: Dutch choir sings for people who are there to replace them
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Pathological altruism: Dutch choir sings for people who are there to replace them

As we know by the statements of hostile elites within Europe and the west, planned mass migrations is designed to replace European people. Diversity is a lie and the people are coming in are so numerous that they can't even be housed. While we kick out our own elderly and deporting other European immigrants in order to make room for Africans and Arabs, we are bankrupting our own countries in the process. This is the very essence pathological altruism and will lead to the end for Europe.

However in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands this insanity has reached a new level. The "refugees" (many who aren't really refugees), who are there to replace the Dutch, are welcomed by song.

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In other Western European countries they have been greeted by some locals with open arms, sweets, toys and water. White the mainstream media carefully selects what photos, videos and images to show of the invaders, there are plenty of European people that are starting to see both what mess they leave behind and also what hostility lies towards the naive Euro's who are welcoming their displacement with open arms.

Third World Invader Threatens Beheading Live on TV in Budapest

FYR Macedonia - Greek border mayhem

NO COMMENTThese are the desperate scenes at Greece’s border with FYR Macedonia as overwhelmed security forces made sporadic attempts to stem the flow of migrants and refugees heading northwards.Hundreds of migrants, many of them refugees from the war in Syria, succeeded in crossing the border.Riot police set off stun grenades and hit migrants with batons but that did little to stop them passing into FYR Macedonia.Skopje had declared a state of emergency on Thursday (August 20) and sealed its southern frontier to migrants pouring in at a rate of 2,000 per day en route to Serbia then Hungary and the Europe Union's borderless Schengen zone.

Posted by euronews on Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Germans Welcome Refugees After Long Journey Through Hungary and Austria


Troop reinforcements arrive in Vienna as they crowed onto trains headed for Munich, Germany

Germans waving welcome signs in German, English and Arabic came to the train station here Saturday to greet the first group of what is expected to be about 8,000 migrants to arrive in Germany by early Sunday, after an arduous and emotional journey through Hungary and Austria.

Germans applauded and volunteers offered hot tea, food and toys as about 450 migrants arrived on a special train service from Austria, finally reaching Germany, which had held out an open hand to them.

“Thank you, Germany,” said one woman from the Kurdish part of northern Iraq who said she had been on the road for a month and a half with her two children. A German volunteer, Silvia Reinschmiedt, who runs a local school, could not stay at home. “I said to myself, I have to do something,” she said as she handed out warm drinks.

By Saturday evening, about 6,000 migrants had arrived here, and another 1,800 were expected to arrive in trains overnight, according to the German police.

It was the desired destination for an extraordinary march of migrants, who broke through Hungarian obstacles and reached Austria on Saturday morning after a night of frantic negotiations among German, Austrian and Hungarian officials cleared the way.

Overnight, some 4,500 exhausted migrants were bused to the Austrian border by a Hungarian government that gave up trying to stop them and instead decided to help them travel in safety. That help was temporary, however, as Hungary found itself struggling to cope with a new influx of migrants.

The arrival in Germany of the migrants was the culmination of 10 days of tragedy and emotion that at last caught the world’s attention, as war and chaos in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East set off one of the largest emigrations since World War II.

The standoff in Hungary seemed to encapsulate the long and often deadly journeys that hundreds of thousands of people have made to try to reach some semblance of peace, security and prosperity in a Europe that, for the most part, did not much want them.

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