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Patriots rally against Muslim housing estate in Australia
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Patriots rally against Muslim housing estate in Australia


Patriots gathered at Melton South’s Hannah Park on Sunday 28th August in opposition to a Muslim housing estate known as Iqra Village.

More than 200 Australians from many different patriotic groups travelled from all over Australia to join their Melbournian brothers and sisters in protest. Various speakers from different patriotic groups spoke on the podium to a united crowd.

Toby Cook, Party for Freedom youth liaison officer said, “It is time for Australia’s youth to stand up against the Islamisation of Australia”, and described how youth are needed in the fight to survive against the dark globalist and cultural Marxist forces of servitude and control.

Kim Vuga also spoke about the Muslim-only housing development saying “The lots from what I’m aware have already been purchased under sharia finance. That is not integration, that’s segregation”.

Blair Cottrell spoke about the need to maintain Australian identity and culture against the Muslim onslaught.

Deceitfully, the local Melton City Council has denied Iqra Village is a faith based development despite claims from the Muslim developer who is marketing towards Muslims only. Also, the developer seeks to build a mosque at the centre of the neighbourhood which will make the estate a Muslim enclave.

The 75-lot development has stirred controversy from the very beginning of the development application with most locals in the Melton area firmly against the Iqra Village housing estate.

Blair Cottrell, leader of UPF
Blair Cottrell, leader of the UPF

The wrangle has divided the community in the spirit of multiculturalism. Melton City Council said it continues to build an inclusive community that embraces and values cultural diversity. It would be interesting to see if the council supports the full vibrancy of Islamic culture and beliefs which includes honour killings, child brides, the wearing of full face covering burqas and segregation.

Australia’s infamous eternal Muslim “victim” Keysar Trad said, “Muslims may want to live in the estate to be free from discrimination and misunderstanding”. The victim narratives used by Muslims is a continual cop out when they are confronted with valid opposition about the incompatibility of Islamic culture and behavior in Australia.

Demography is destiny, and with Australia’s Muslim population growing more than 70% in the last ten years alone, no doubt there will be more housing estates like Iqra Village planned in the near future isolating Muslims in their own sharia enclaves.

In the Koran, the book of ‘The Cow’ ‘2:191 says, “Make war on the infidels living in your neighbourhood”. The Koran is the ultimate book of hates speech creating a clear distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims calling on Muslims to fight against the infidels. There is not one verse in the Koran that tells Muslims to love people of other religions.

Our political elites will continue to live in denial encouraging more Muslim immigration and more taxpayer funding of multiculturalism resulting in the further balkanization of Australia.

We live in dangerous times so it is indeed refreshing and promising to see so many patriots gathered at Melton in support of assimilation and the protection of the Australian way of life.

Party for Freedom stands in solidarity with all patriotic Australians and would like to especially thank the TBC (True Blue Crew) and its spokesperson Kane Miller for organizing a successful and peaceful rally.


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