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Professor Tweets That White People Should ‘Commit Mass Suicide’
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Professor Tweets That White People Should ‘Commit Mass Suicide’


“Liberalism is a mental disorder,” radio host Michael Savage is famous for saying. Many conservatives would like to believe that this is not true, and that Americans of different political backgrounds can come together on important issues.

Sometimes, however, a leftist says something so appalling that it’s hard not to side with Savage. That’s exactly what happened when a college professor took “white guilt” so far that he started publicly calling for mass death.

The Shimer College instructor’s bizarre tirade began when he claimed that all white people were complicit in slavery, even through generations have gone by since the Civil War.

“Whether or not your individual ancestors owned slaves, you as a white person have benefited from slavery and are complicit in it,” Dr. Adam Kotsko posted on Twitter. “Sorry.”

Of course, there are so many problems with that claim that it’s hard to know where to start. Are white people who immigrated from Europe long after slavery ended in America also complicit?

If we’re wringing our hands over incidents that happened over a century ago, why not events that are more recent? Is every Japanese person responsible for the Nanking Massacre, or every Muslim personally responsible for 9/11? Where exactly is the line?

Incredibly, the unhinged professor — who holds a PhD in Theology, Ethics, and Culture — quickly doubled down on his idiocy.

“What follows from this?” asked a curious reader. In other words, even if we accept the premise, what then?

Kotsko immediately showed the incredible depth of knowledge that only a leftist professor can possess. “We should commit mass suicide,” he posted.

Not content with that astounding advice, the self-loathing educator helpfully explained himself by making a deeply racist statement.

“I know it sucks having a racial identity that exists solely to legitimate the subordination and exploitation of other races,” he posted, along with the hashtag “#whiteness.”

Yes, in the dark rectal cavity which this professor’s head no doubt lives, the entire “white” race is nothing but a plague on the earth, which must be wiped out through self eradication.

Imagine for one moment if he had written the same thing about black individuals or, say, Jews or Asians. The racism coursing through his veins is so thick it’s a wonder he has a detectable pulse.

Forget that “whites” — to use his term — are almost solely responsible for building the same grand civilization that allows him to comfortably tweet his hateful nonsense.

Radio, air conditioning, the automobile, the airplane, biochemistry, spaceships, the Polio vaccine, nylon, the computer… those are just the very tip of the iceberg of the inventions and discoveries made by “white” people, who Dr. Kotsko so loathes.

Within the human body, allergies occur when the body mistakenly starts attacking itself. In conditions where a person has been so safe, so unexposed to the outside world that their body has no reference point, allergy responses treat completely mundane things like peanut oil or dust as diseases, and work overtime to defeat the non-existent threat.

Kotsko and others like him are examples of cultural allergy attacks. The asinine professor has been made so safe and comfortable by the very Western culture he hates that he can no longer separate reality from fantasy.

He has started to attack his own race and everything it has built because true oppression is so foreign to him, he wouldn’t know it if it slapped him on the face.

The truth is that America — a nation that much to his chagrin is still predominately white — is so successful and appealing that people literally risk their lives just for a chance to come here. Interestingly, people don’t seem to be waiting in line to enter Somalia and Venezuela.

Calling for mass racial suicide — even as a bad joke — is sick. Self loathing is a sign of mental illness.










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