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Queer HuffPo Writer Says "Whites Should Be Banned From Yoga"
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Queer HuffPo Writer Says "Whites Should Be Banned From Yoga"

By Lana Lokteff |

In this anti-White article by Matthew Terrell, a "Queer Southern writer/photographer/artist," he doesn't say black, brown, yellow or any other color should be banned from yoga. Only White people should be "banned." 

Seriously folks, how hard is this to understand, and how often do we have to keep repeating it: White people are continuing to recreate colonialist violence with their cultural consumption. It has to stop. The only way to end systemic racism and insensitive problematics is to force everyone to stick to their own race when it comes to the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the art we appreciate, and the life we live. Anybody enjoying a cultural product that is not there’s—whether it be a eating traditional meal or wearing a sacred garment—is guilty of cultural appropriation. This violence must be stopped! You should only be allowed to enjoy the culture of your own race.

Yoga is violence people! It may seem peaceful and centered but oh no, it is practically slavery. Matthew says one thing I can agree with, "force everyone to stick to their own race when it comes to the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the art we appreciate, and the life we live." It's really simple. If everyone sticks to their own race, in their own nation and lives among their own people as the majority, problem solved. Then there would be no ridiculous claims of cultural appropriation and racism. However, if Matthew follows through here, "forcing everyone to stick to their own" would mean that every non-White westerner living in a country, a culture created by White people should leave as they are guilty of appropriating what is ours. It also means the black guy wearing the European suit, driving the sports car and using the cellphone is in the wrong. All of it is culturally appropriated from White European people.

It's funny how anti-Whites speak about colonialism yet hoards of nonWhites are making very long, hard journeys to enter countries built by European colonialists. Yet when millions of nonWhites enter into a White country, no no it's not colonialism, it's diversity. Today's mass non-European immigration into only White countries massively overshadows the numbers of European colonialists who were mostly a few elite families. In colonial days, Europeans couldn't fly straight to Africa and get welfare. So while leftists say enjoy diversity and force millions of nonWhite invaders into White countries and only White countries, then we are told it's racist to notice or absorb any nonWhite culture? Matthew says, "You should only be allowed to enjoy the culture of your own race." But ofcourse, NOT if you are White! The entire point of those who oppose massive nonWhite immigration in White countries is because they enjoy the culture of their own race!

Whenever I see someone who’s cultural heritage does not descend from the sub-continent of India practicing yoga, I want to scream out at them for their theft of an ancient, sacred practice. The way Westerners have reduced yoga to a trendy form of exercise is just another example of how colonialism continues to plague us. Yoga is a centuries old tradition of mindfulness, with physical practice only one part of the system. Unless you grew up Indian, learning these ancient traditions of your own people, using the sacred objects in their intended manner, you should not be allowed to practice “yoga” as trendy yuppie moms call it. These people in their Lululemon spandex yoga suits ignore the sacred and profound aspects of yoga as they grunt through half-assed stretches. They are literally recreating the same colonialist violence that Britain inflicted on India through “yoga.” We should do like the upstanding student leaders at the University of Ottawa who demanded yoga be brought down for it’s flagrant recreation of cultural genocide; we need to decolonize our yoga practice.

This self professed queer sure is presumptuous and judgy! How does he know what goes on in the mind of White people who practice yoga? Further, the origins of yoga are unclear as are the origins of the Hindu religion, which are shrouded in mystery. The swastika for instance, which is found all over India, is an ancient European sun symbol. No it's a lie that "Hitler stole it." Many scholars believe Sanskrit is the mother of European languages and many Vedic religious concepts can also be found in Western culture. We also know there were ancient European mummies found in that corner of the Earth such as the Tarim Basin. The area known as India has seen the migration, conquest and collaborations of many peoples. 

Having been to India and seeing how they still use the infrastructure built by the English, Indians also enjoyed many aspects of their collaborations and time with the English. Afterall, millions of Indians today are seeking to live in England. If the English were so horrible and their culture so rotten, this would not be the case yet Indians seek to taste the fruits of White culture in Europe and America.

My soul weeps every time I smell the waft of mall food court Chinese. A noble an ancient culinary practice has been raped by American food engineering to become nothing but a foul simulacrum of Chinese cuisine. First the Americans make fun of your food! Once they have convinced you it is worthless, they start enjoying it themselves and demand you adapt to their palate! They take your tastes and techniques and repackage them with the bland Western stamp of approval. It is an absolute disgrace that serves to re-illustrate the capture and enslavement of people of color all throughout history Somehow only college-aged social justice warriors are truly able to see these atrocities; students at Oberlin valiantly took down their cafeteria’s offensive recreations of Asian cuisine. They are right—we need a full take down! The only way to solve our dilemma of culinary appropriation is to ban all ethnic food that is not 100% authentic, and people can only enjoy food of their own race due to issues of cultural sensitivity.

Haha, his "soul weeps." Eating Chinese food is practically slavery! Yet the Chinese too are guilty of slavery, conquest and war. They are also guilty of genocide in Tibet still to this day. The Chinese living in America and Canada came of their own will. No one is forcing them to make Chinese food for White people. They want to be here. They can always go to China where it's nothing but Chinese people. China isn't multicultural like White countries are expected to be. But I thought multiculters said one of the best aspects of multiculturalism is the food. As if we need to import millions of Chinese people into America for a fucking eggroll. How about the theft of White people's intellectual property by the Chinese, costing Americans billions of dollars of loss a year in intellectual property?

It's funny how anti-Whites always talk about how "bland" and boring Whites are while millions of nonWhites want to settle in White countries. 

Cultures in West Africa may have invented an incredibly beautiful and practical piece of clothing—the dashiki—but only they are allowed to wear them. I don’t care if you wear it to Coachella because it looks cool, is good for hot weather, and moves well when you dance. Unless you are West African, wearing a daishiki is a revolting act of cultural appropriation. Fashion is one of the biggest offenders of cultural appropriation. Native American patterns are all the rage in New York fashion magazines. Japanese garments stroll down the runways in London. And don’t even get me started on espadrilles! Fashion is one giant cultural appropriation minefield, and must be stopped. So unless you are wearing the cloth of your people, you better have on a joyless smock. Those are your options.

The dashiki? You won't see me wearing that thing. Oops, he spelled dashiki, daishiki the second time. Cultural infraction! Anti-Whites love to be in awe of the most basic things made by brown people like a loin cloth or a basket because brown people made it but deny the excellence of European ingenuity, engineering and creativity. Africans can have their dashiki. Europeans weave fine fabrics and couture clothing. They even make machines to spin the fiber. They are light years ahead of romanticized nonWhite cultures. The men's suit is entirely part of White culture, therefore Africans or any nonWhites should not be wearing it or be guilty of appropriation.

Yet each year European fashion designers send millions of dollars worth of donated clothing to nonWhite countries since they can't seem to dress themselves. I've been in the middle of nowhere Africa and have seen guys wearing Tommy Hilfiger. 

What about the bra? It was invented by a White European woman therefore, any non-European woman wearing a bra is guilty of appropriation. The truth is we could write volumes about all the world has appropriated from European culture. It's just a fact. 

Fashion designers borrowing a boring pattern from Nepal for one season to use on a scarf while being told to embrace diversity and multiculturalism is hardly of concern. I agree White people should wear White people things including their ancient ethno tribal symbols. On one hand liberals tell White people they're culture is "too White" and everything is "White supremacy" because it's things they like but then when they embrace something nonWhite, scream appropriation. It's all so ridiculous. If we tell Europeans to avoid the dashiki then you should also tell Africans to stick to the loin cloth.

Espadrilles are indeed European. This light sandal, made with jute rope or braided hemp and with linen fabric, comes from Spain. Its name is derived from “esparto” which is a kind of plant that was originally burned then braided to make the soles.

The Japanese he mentions love European culture by the way.

Since he brought up "Native Americans" let's bring attention to the Solutreans, Ice Age Europeans in America. There's a reason why American Indians have European DNA.

Envision a better world free from racism, colonialist violence, and the much-dreaded “problematics.” We can get there, but first we must acknowledge our our theft and genocide of culture that is not our own. To be culturally sensitive, we must only consume cultural products of our own race. Any sort of racial mixing is verboten. Afterall, culture is not meant to evolve. It is a sacred, ancient thing that must never change.

You can't tell White people they must race mix or be racist and then tell them when they do mix they are guilty of appropriation. This is absolute liberal insanity and any way you slice it, White people are the guilty ones. Forget that ALL races have genocided, conquered, enslaved and all the rest of it. It just so happens White people were better at it. Yet if we're so horrible, send the millions of nonWhites flooding into our countries back home. It's really quite simple, nationalism. Ethno-states existed so each people could thrive with their culture in peace. If culture is "never meant to evolve" then why is every leftists saying that Whites must become multicultural and that White people won't exist in the future because they will all be mixed race and that's a good thing? Why is it only White people are expected to be "culturally sensitive" yet millions of incoming invaders into White countries don't have to give a damn about ours? Nature already divided us across the globe for a reason. Separation IS diversity.

In closing, there's something called Runic Yoga and it's entirely European same as basketball, football, golf, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, pilates and more. These sports are not African.

In the end, if anti-Whites hate White people so much, they should separate from them. 


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