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Ruminations of the Universe #3: The Kingdom is Yours
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Ruminations of the Universe #3: The Kingdom is Yours

Don’t wait for any government to collapse to get on with the process of discovering the ultimate truth. Historically these things can drag out for many years. Dec. 21, 2012 will be a good day for those who collectively understand certain realities to conceptually move ahead. For those of you waiting for Quetzalcoatl’s Ghost to appear and rub the finger of shame at all evil doers, you might be waiting for a long time. There is not going to be anything like that because the actual shift in energy is deeper and more profound. The alchemy of transformation occurs through compression and release. Denial is the great deceiver and Ego is the gatekeeper.

There is nothing preventing you from doing anything you might want to do right now. The magic and wonder available with just a little meditation puts the whole of existence right at your mind’s eye. Can you be bold enough to paint the canvas of your life? Make sure it isn’t a psychological spew. Face the pain, cry a few tears and open your mind to new possibilities. Please watch out for premature conclusions. I know many people will read this and have an inbuilt assumption that they already understand all of what I am saying. Others might be highly critical and are certain that they can discount the points I make. Still more will grant the words favor and feel prideful because of it.

The great service I provide for you my friends is that you cannot pin me down with expectations. One time I might give a glimpse into the astral realms. Another, I will throw out a thousand ways to deconstruct the mind. I practically beg you to consider meditation and devote myself to providing any seeking soul with resources to explore. There is a science to spirituality and it is not one of black and white facts. It is based on personal experience and documentation. Many people are right now contributing to this growing and critically necessary body of literature. If you enjoy or benefit from this movement towards awareness, support these people when you find them. Give them respect in the light of day. Tell the world that you value substantive conversation. Share your own perspective.

There is a much bigger world out there than what we were taught in high school and college textbooks. Reality is amorphous and evolving, not rigid and absolute. There are as many versions of events as there are witnesses. We can not really say that anything is necessarily so. This is a philosophical question to zoom in on. Often the mind proves itself correct when dealing with the 3D realm. In 3D, a concept could seem correct, but one must not be so naive as to believe there is nothing beyond their local time and place. There are much bigger principles in play and when not viewing yourself as the focal point of life, you are free to receive the benefit that this understanding provides. It does not make sense to exclude the entire universe of possibilities to be “correct”.

Hold on to your old religions. Grasp tightly to the legacy of your forefathers and three mothers. Cling to the covers of dusty books. Dance around and display this marvelous knowledge to passersby. Just know one thing: do so at your own peril. You could force a person to stop mentioning this point, but it would not change a thing about the implications that only a friend attempts to reveal. This Earthly life is very cause and effect oriented. So often people mistakenly believe that effects just happen to them! Look over here from a star and you will see what I mean. Becoming fixated with the circumstances of incarnation, a person becomes a historical footnote before they even begin. Judging everything with a pre-programmed philosophy, all choices are skewed. Eventually every intention sent to the universe under this and any other spell has to be accounted for.

Those who praise your every move to high heaven are more dangerous than those who tear you down. We all seek to move from a destroyer, but a seducer can draw in even the best of us with a subtle web of lies. Always remember that you and only you can know the proper direction for the progression of your soul. A friend will encourage you and offer support. They will share their experience and accept you for who you are. An enemy will constantly undermine your confidence and present more practical alternatives to your dreams. The fulfillment you seek, only you can provide. This blossoming of existence will occur when you can be in tune with the heart in an unafraid and powerful manner. No one else controls your destiny. Trust and ye shall be rewarded. The entire kingdom is rightfully yours.

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