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Save Net Neutrality: Why Net Neutrality Is Necessary for White Advocacy
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Save Net Neutrality: Why Net Neutrality Is Necessary for White Advocacy


Since the recent announcement that Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is almost certainly going to do away with net neutrality when they vote on the issue on December 14, pundits on every side of the issue have been weighing in with their opinions. This contributes to the confusion of what is no doubt a very difficult, even slippery, topic. Pro-White activists haven’t been remiss in sharing their view and some circles have been inflamed by the debate, with a growing consensus that net neutrality is not good for our movement and we will be better off when the FCC gets rid of it. I will try to explain why they are dead wrong.

What is the Internet?

Judging from much of the befuddled commentary, it appears that we might benefit from a brief (and somewhat simplified) primer on exactly what the Internet is. The Internet is an actual physical thing; it isn’t some abstraction of software or websites or users, per se. At its simplest, it is machines (servers, routers, etc.) connected by wires (technically speaking, networks — hence the term Internet). These machines run protocols like the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), email, gopher, etc. One protocol, the HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) is king of the Internet. The websites that we connect to via this protocol, constitute the World Wide Web (WWW). Many conflate the WWW with the Internet — it’s important to remember, for the purposes of this discussion, that they are not the same thing.

What is Net Neutrality?

The Wikipedia article on net neutrality gives a surprisingly useful definition:

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication. For instance, under these principles, internet service providers are unable to intentionally block, slow down or charge money for specific websites and online content.

Put succinctly, net neutrality means that all Internet traffic must be treated the same.

Keep the above definitions in mind as we explore the arguments against net neutrality and demonstrate why they’re false.

Unpacking the Arguments against Net Neutrality

After reading articles and listening to the podcasts of a handful of alt-right pundits who are in favor of allowing the FCC to eliminate it, I was able to boil-down their commentary to six essential arguments against net neutrality.

Argument 1: Our enemies, large Silicon Valley-type mega corporations (particularly social media Web sites like Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), are in favor of net neutrality, so it must be wrong.

First, it should be obvious that, whilst our enemies are extremely powerful, they are not infallible. Just because they think something is good for them, doesn’t mean it is and even if it is, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad for us.

Second, and more importantly, it is more likely that these mega-corporations are merely virtue signaling to their Social Justice Warrior (SJW) supporters and are secretly working behind the scenes to promote the end of net neutrality. That said, there is one compelling reason why these large content sites might want to maintain net neutrality: without it, ISPs will be able to charge them more money to send data down their wires (more on that below).

As a side note, it might be edifying to understand that SJWs are in favor of keeping the net neutral for all the wrong reasons. They, like those of us on the pro-White right, seek to maintain freedom of speech because they see themselves as discriminated against dissidents whose voices won’t be heard without freedom of speech. Of course, they’re wrong; they aren’t victims of discrimination. They are the empowered — useful idiot pawns of the regime who are favored, not discriminated against. The similarities between the cultural Marxist left and the White right go even further when we understand that the foundational belief of both groups is that there is a conspiracy of elites to dominate the globe. The only difference is that SJWs believe in the conspiracy theory that those elites are “rich White men” (ignoring the role of Jews as a moving force in this elite), while we believe in the fact that this opposes the true interests of Whites. The difference means everything.

Argument 2: Net neutrality is about ensuring that large-bandwidth sites (like Netflix) can keep costs down on someone else’s network and therefore it will never effect small operations like the Web sites of White Nationalists.

While the first part of this is true, the second part is patently absurd. Once net neutrality is eliminated, there will be nothing to stop Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from expanding their newfound powers to regulate access to our sites. And of course, they will if for no other reason than that they will be pressured into doing so by the left—in the same way that they pressure advertisers for programs they don’t like.

I can foresee the web-blocking/bandwidth throttling of our Web sites developing much the way “hate speech” laws did in Canada. “Hate speech” laws were passed in Canada decades ago, but they never charged anyone with violating them until just the last decade or so. This allowed them to dissipate consternation when people became alarmed, simply by saying “oh, this law isn’t new; it’s been on the books for years”. As with the Canadian “hate speech” scenario, at first not much will happen. Our sites will hum merrily along. But then, as they start to grow, they will be hit with ever increasing bills to pay for the bandwidth or they will be throttled way back or blocked all together. Because it will happen slowly and years after the FCC policy change and because Whites, particularly White men, have a fundamental instinct to believe that we should pay for what we get and that if our data is going to be transported over another’s network, it is only fair that we pay our share, it will become extremely difficult for the average person to put two-and-two together and understand that this change represents a deliberate attempt to silence the voice of White America.

Read the rest of Russell James’ essay at The Occidental Observer.


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