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SPLC Keeps Denying that Black-on-White Violence Is Happening
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SPLC Keeps Denying that Black-on-White Violence Is Happening


Think of the odds: every day, for years, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been cranking out studies, talking points, and direct mail (oh, sweet, sweet mail!) to show how black people are victims of relentless white racism, all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything.

Just a few days ago, the SPLC declared that black-on-white violence is the "biggest lie" because everyone knows the real problem is white-on-black violence.

But what crazy luck: The more the SPLC says black criminality is a myth, the more it just keeps happening.  Isn't that what you would call a day at the races, where every winner went off at more than 100 to 1? 

Maybe it's just the World's Greatest Coincidence.

Or maybe the SPLC's work is odder than a nine-bob note.

Let's look at just a few examples of black violence, all of which happened since the SPLC's latest report a few days ago.  All of the keep happening wildly out of proportion. All of them, the SPLC could not care less about.

In New York City, a black woman was walking down the street, bumping into white ladies.  When one of the white women suggested she stop assaulting white pedestrians, the black woman started hitting the white woman with a heavy metal box, all the while yelling and threatening, "Take that you white b----," followed by "that's what you get, white b----."

That's another unlucky turn on the SPLC wheel of fortune. 

A few hours later in Boston, a black women did not like the way an old handicapped white dude was taking pictures on the subway.  So she started taunting him and goading a 30-year-old black guy to do something – i.e., beat the hell out of him.  This he did, on glorious digital video.

Afterward, the goader and filmographer stuck around to collect the props for her role in the assault.  When a TV news guy pointed out there was not one iota of evidence to show that the old white guy did anything wrong to get the beat-down and broken bones, she shrugged and said the old white dude "deserved it."

If this is not a pattern, only one answer remains: world's greatest coincidence strikes again!

In Chicago, a white priest confronted a black person who had broken into his church. Despite the best efforts of the SPLC to promise us this has never happened before and it will never happen again, the fella hit the priest in the face, and ran. Black on white violence against priests, nuns, even bishops is routine in the hood.

Darn the luck. 

In Kansas City, two white deputy sheriffs are dead after a black prisoner shot them.  The killer, Antoine Fielder, was also in custody for killing a few other white people.  These long shots keep coming in – almost as if there is a pattern.

In a Maryland suburb of D.C., a 250-pound black woman was riding the bus with some white commuters.  She stared at two white passengers and then murmured, "I hate white people," said WJLA TV.  A short while later, Jordan, the black woman in question, stood up and clocked the female white passenger in the face.  The male white passenger attempted to defend his friend and got smacked in the face as well, police said. 

At some point, shouldn't we expect some white-on-black argy-bargy as well?  Maybe someone is hiding it.

In Trenton, dozens of black people rampaged through an all-night arts festival until gunfire broke out, killing one and wounding a few dozen more.  The mayor and festival organizer said they were surprised that a black riot would break out in crime-infested Trenton, especially when so many of the white victims were down with the cause of black victimization.

This is what party organizers on the same day said after thousands of black people rampaged and rioted on a beach near Asbury Park, also in New Jersey.  "White people do it, too," said no one whatsoever. 

In Pleasantville – also in New Jersey also last weekend – dozens of black people surrounded and harassed, threatened, attacked, and interfered with police and emergency personnel.  They were not happy at the quality or speed of free medical care for a black person who had passed out.  It's all on video: Welcome to Pleasantville.  You may now attack the racist police.

By the SPLC's reckoning, it should be easy to find white people doing this, too.  While you wait for the nonexistent videos, in Encinitas, California, a black NFL player who used to be among the highest paid in the league was charged with sexual assault and all sorts of other bad business against five older white women.  Kellen Winslow, Jr.'s lawyer said he didn't do it.

The SPLC would be proud.

The SPLC never mentions how snakebit it is when it comes to talking about black-on-white crime.  It has produced mountains of paper for battalions of talking heads, all denying that black criminality is a problem.  But videos, victims, 911 calls, witnesses, and police reports are overwhelming SPLC's fantasies with mountains of real stories.

The SPLC still tries to deny all this – or hopes you will not notice. 

David Ruenzel noticed.  This former writer for the SPLC was among the first to swallow the lie of black victimization hook, line, and sinker.  It was his final lie.

Ruenzel made his bones in the early days of white privilege theory at the SPLC, when he made the heroic discovery that black people are not responsible for black dysfunction of any kind.  In any way.  Any difference between white people and black people was the result of one blindingly obvious process: White privilege.

After leaving the SPLC as a writer, David moved to Oakland, where houses were affordable because most people did not know what he knew.  He feared nothing –certainly not the black crime that has hollowed out what was once one of America's greatest cities.  He was down with the cause, so he figured that the cause was down with him.

A few years ago, David decided to take a hike through one of Oakland's "urban trails" – i.e., remote areas of Oakland where white people are routine targets of black violence.  He was seen talking with a few of the fellas.  They killed him.

All because he was betting even money on a horse that went off at 500 to 1.

That's some bad, bad luck.


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