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The Alt-Lite Is Imploding
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The Alt-Lite Is Imploding

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Something amazing is taking place.

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed the Alt-Lite begin to unravel.

First, Baked Alaska, a prolific Twitter personality and pro-Trump rapper, was removed from the "DeploraBall" at Mike Cernovich’s behest for discussing Jewish influence.

We have since seen Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich, and Bill Mitchell attempt to distance themselves from the Alt-Right – a label with which, ironically, they used to identify. In fact, Mike Cernovich and Bill Mitchell have even deleted previous tweets praising the Alt-Right or, in Mike’s case, opposing White genocide.

Amusingly, Paul Joseph Watson now sounds identical to Rick Wilson, who, quite vulgarly, characterized us as single, childless men masturbating to anime in our mothers’ basements.

What’s amusing about Paul’s “logic and reason” comment is that, to date, the Alt-Lite has been completely unable or unwilling to engage with us in a battle of ideas. Moreover, their attacks on us amount to little more than baseless ad hominems and non-arguments.

Why, you might ask? Because they know we’re correct.

The Alt-Lite, like the mainstream status quo propagated by our ruling class, can only exist by declaring certain topics "off-limits."

Most of the high priests of the Alt-Lite – Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, etc. – understand racial differences, Jewish influence, White genocide, and so forth; they simply have varying reasons to keep this nascent populist uprising within a comfortable (and profitable!) “edgy, but not too edgy” niche.

These charlatans and peddlers of half-truths want to criticize low-hanging fruit like Islamic terrorism and social justice warrior insanity while they sell you ebooks and questionable supplements.

We in the Alt-Right, however, are only interested in the truth, as unpopular as it might be. In fact, our ideas are very dangerous, for they threaten the machinations of the international elite. And among our ideas, our support for White identity ranks as the most dangerous.

There is a reason that Richard Spencer is banned in Britain, and Mike Cernovich is not – and it has nothing to do with his haircut.

The Truth Will Come to Light

We’re witnessing a massive paradigm shift.

As we discussed with Styxhexenhammer666, Kek, the quasi-ironic god of the Alt-Right, was described in Egyptian lore as the “bringer-in of light.”

Without going too far down the rabbit hole, Kek is a perfect symbol for our movement. Our beloved frog deity represents the truth – about race, globalism, multiculturalism, history, and so forth – coming to light.

When viewed from this perspective, the continued growth and success of the Alt-Right appears inevitable. Sure, there will be attempts to infiltrate or silence us, but these will ultimately prove ineffective or backfire entirely.

This also means that the Alt-Lite will continue to fracture. Baked Alaska, once a "normal" mainstream Trump supporter, was eventually red-pilled by Alt-Right accounts on Twitter. After seeing the light, he did the honorable thing and began spreading the Alt-Right gospel. The Alt-Lite leadership then forced him to choose between us and them.

If the red-pill can reach Alt-Lite rappers, it can reach anyone.

The Alt-Right is the Future

The Alt-Lite was something that could never last, for it was founded upon half-truths and contradictions. Among the most glaring contradictions of the Alt-Lite is its support for civic nationalism: a color-blind creed that, like conservatism, can only exist in a majority White society, as roughly 90% of people who vote right-wing in America are White.

I’ve noticed a sense of panic among the high priests of the Alt-Lite as of late. The must surely feel the paradigm shift, perhaps more than many of us. Their followers, once loyal and vocal, are nowhere to be found as hordes of frog avatars and anime Nazis close in. Maybe now they truly understand that the rich meme culture that accompanied Trump’s presidency did in fact come from the Alt-Right and 4chan, and not from his more "respectable" supporters.

In light of the ongoing paradigm shift, we need to welcome curious and well-intentioned Alt-Lite supporters with open arms.

Here is what you can do to help:

  • When interacting with Alt-Lite supporters on Twitter, inform them that their Alt-Lite idols are withholding information, but that you would be happy to fill them in.
  • Direct them to Alt-Right sites like Red Ice.
  • Be polite, friendly, and helpful towards Alt-Lite supporters.
  • Constantly attack, criticize, and humiliate the high priests of the Alt-Lite.

Remember, we’re going to win this.

The truth will come to light, and only Kek's wrath awaits those who wish to suppress it.


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