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The Future Will Be Our Past and the Past Will Be Our Future
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The Future Will Be Our Past and the Past Will Be Our Future

By Mundilfury |

While looking at yourself in the mirror, have you ever wondered who was staring back at you? Your appearance, your very countenance, is your own yet it is a conglomeration of features handed down to you from your parents, grandparents, and your great-grandparents. Your eyes, nose, height, hands, the colour of your hair. Your physical features are a museum. Your ancestors may be long dead as individuals, but they are still very much alive as fragments in you. Even other complex behaviours such as your intelligence, your ingenuity, your adventurous spirit, your happiness, your susceptibility to sadness are all qualities that have been passed down to you from your forebears. Even your fear of crowds or extroversion are linked to the distant past. These lives have been lived before and they are being lived again. We carry the past with us whether we know it or not. We stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors whether we look down to acknowledge them or not. Our lineage, our past is present in the languages that we speak as well as the very customs we hold dear.[1]

Canada was built by people that looked just like you, who think and feel as you do now. Whether your ancestors hailed from England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or from other nation-states across mother Europe, they have bequeathed this land to you. It is yours by right. It is well past time to make the old arguments new again. The argument that White Canadians, those of us who have European ancestors, have a right to the land, the nation-state, that was built by our kin.

The key to securing our interests going forward as White Canadians is through the inculcation of White racial consciousness in our neighbours, our friends, and our fellow countrymen. It is by way of non-violent metapolitical action that this will be achieved.  Everything that we say, write, and meme is of incalculable value in this fight in the realm of ideas. Through podcasts, articles, discussions, and our own actions, we will foster a sense of who we are as White Canadians. We have a defined in-group that has interests. Despite our disparate regional and linguistic differences across this land, we should all coalesce around the commonality of race. Race is a biological reality. We are White, and we have our own interests as a group. Through metapolitical action and eventually through overt political action, we will be able to exert our influence as a distinctive group in Canada. We will be able to force the wrong elected officials to make the right decisions. It will be a long road, but the seeding of White racial consciousness is the most important step towards achieving that goal. By engaging in a war of position, in the realm of ideas, against the prevailing dispensation, we will change things in our interests for the better.

It will also be necessary for us to replace our hostile elites. Through a relentless use of metapolitical critique, we will drive them out. Those individuals who hold public office and those who are employed by the state’s vast bureaucracy, have no concept of the political. Recently, Richardo Duchesne invoked the ideas of Carl Schmidt when he wrote that liberal states along with their leadership and anointed elites, lack a strong conceptualization of what it means to be political:

liberal leaders have an inherent weakness as political beings due to their inability to think of their nation-states as a collectivity of people claiming sovereignty over a territory that distinguishes between friends and enemies, who can belong and who cannot belong in the territory.[2]

In the short term, it will be our goal through metapolitical pressure to coerce these individuals to concede points that are in our group interests; but eventually, it will be possible to replace them outright with like-minded allies who not only have a concept of the political, but a fierce loyalty to Canada as a White ethnic homeland.

This inability to think of Canada as a nation-state comprising of a unique White Canadian ethnicity led to the abandonment of the “White Canada” policy in the 1960s. This casting aside of key assumptions was enacted by government officials who did not necessarily answer to the electorate. The White Canada immigration policy was replaced by regulations that were announced in 1962. Kevin MacDonald, in his magnum opus Culture of Critique, refers to academic Freda Hawkins who wrote that this important policy change was made by senior unelected officials in Canada, including one Dr. George Davidson who was Deputy Minister of Citizenship and Immigration at that time and would later become a senior administrator at the United Nations.  These bureaucrats believed that “Canada could not operate effectively within the United Nations, or in the multiracial Commonwealth, with the millstone of a racially discriminatory immigration policy round her neck.” MacDonald goes on to write that in both Australia and Canada, the electorate did not force the change away from the old White European bias of immigration policy:

The primary and identical motivation for Canadian and Australian politicians in trying to exclude first the Chinese, then other Asian migrants and finally all potential non-white immigrants, was the desire to build and preserve societies and political systems in their hard-won, distant lands very like those of the United Kingdom. They also wished to establish without challenge the primary role there of her founding peoples of European origin….Undisputed ownership of these territories of continental size was felt to be confirmed forever, not only by the fact of possession, but by the hardships and dangers endured by the early explorers and settlers; the years of back-breaking work to build the foundations of urban and rural life…The idea that other peoples, who had taken no part in these pioneering efforts, might simply arrive in large numbers to exploit important local resources, or to take advantage of these earlier settlement efforts was anathema.[3]

The idea that our racial and cultural heritage is inexorably connected to Canada’s prosperity is anathema to our current corrupt political and bureaucratic classes regardless of their political stripe. They have completely dispensed with the idea of Canada belonging to “her founding peoples of European origin.” Despite the purported differences between our major political parties at every level of government, they adhere to the same globalist ideology. Canada’s political, bureaucratic, and corporate managerial elites of the Left and the Right all agree on one thing: globalism.

In his most recent monograph entitled Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians, professor Richardo Duchesne speaks to this ideological convergence: “It has been…in their endorsement of globalism…that the left and right have really converged in a state of amicable reinforcement, notwithstanding their varying emphasis on different aspects of globalism.”[4] While the Right may not be on board with the Left’s emphasis on “global social justice,” the corporate globalist elites have come to the realization that the purported humanitarian concerns of the Left are an excellent moral smoke-screen for the spread of global capitalism. The Left and the Right have, sometimes unreflectively so, reached a consensus, an understanding, on the supposed economic benefits of mass migration. They fear that a decline in population will bring about a massive crisis that will result in “widespread labour shortages, lower tax receipts, declining welfare supports and lower consumption levels.”[5] Duchesne goes on to point out that it is the realization that this convergence has become manifest which has led to the rise of Donald Trump, the political battles surrounding Brexit in the United Kingdom and the rise of nationalist parties throughout Europe.

In order for Canada to survive as a White European majority country, it is clear that our movement must foster a sense of White Canadian Identity and reject globalism. We must remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors to carve Canada out of the primordial wilderness; we will inculcate a sense of White racial consciousness in ourselves, our family, and our friends; and through non-violent metapolitical means, we will articulate ideas that were once held dear in order to pursue our interests as a group. There is no Israel for us, Canada is our homeland. To make it feel like ours again, we must look to the past to regain the future.

[1] David W. Anthony, The Horse the Wheel and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World, (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2007), p. 3. 

[2] Richardo Duchesne, “Carl Schmitt Is Right: Liberal Nations Have Open Borders Because They Have No Concept Of The Political,” The Occidental Quarterly, vol. 17, no. 1, Spring 2017, p. 37.

[3] Kevin MacDonald, The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements,(1st Books Paperback Edition, 2002, originally published by Praeger, 1998), pp.301-302; MacDonald cites Freda Hawkins, Critical Years in Immigration: Canada and Australia Compared. (Kingston and Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1989), p. 23. 

[4] Richardo Duchesne, Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians, (London, United Kingdom: Black House Publishing, 2017), p. 337. 

[5] Ibid p. 339.


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