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The German Train Attack – Inevitable, yet Preventable
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The German Train Attack – Inevitable, yet Preventable

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Yesterday, an unaccompanied 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan savagely attacked a number of passengers on a train in Bavaria, three of which suffered life-threatening wounds.

His motives hardly needed an explanation, as attacks like this – meaning attacks perpetrated by Muslims or nonwhites who despise Western Civilization – have become somewhat of a new normal.

Nevertheless, there are still those who will attempt to interpret such acts of terrorism so that they do not conflict with the prevailing liberal narrative. They will tell us that Omar Mateen was motivated by repressed homosexuality; that the intentions of Micah Xavier Johnson, despite explicating his desire to indiscriminantly murder white people, are nebulous and ambiguous; and that Islam, despite Muhammad having been a conqueror, is a religion of peace.

Thankfully, the train attacker was considerate enough to leave behind a suicide note in which he revealed without a shadow of doubt that his motives were rooted in radical Islam and a hatred for the West.

RT reports:

Addressing his father, the young man asked him to pray that he could take revenge "on the infidels" and "get to Heaven," officials said.

The train attacker was "a devout Sunni," according to officials, who added that he didn't visit a mosque regularly, but had probably prayed privately. Having studied the man's presence on social networks, investigators said he had published a post against "enemies of Islam" some 24 hours before the attack.

One of the perpetrator's friends, with whom he often spoke by phone, had recently died in Afghanistan, the media were told, with investigators adding that it may have been a trigger for the assault.

Investigators said they were in possession of a video, the content of which was being "analyzed." Earlier on Tuesday, Amaq news agency, affiliated with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) released a video allegedly showing the axe-wielding attacker. Identifying him as Muhammad Riyad, IS called him a "soldier of the Caliphate."

In a screenshot from the video which is circulating on social media a young man, whose identity cannot be immediately verified, is seen wielding a knife. In his speech, he reportedly claimed he would use the weapon in a slaughter to avenge the killings of people in Muslim countries and called on others who couldn't reach IS strongholds in Syria and Iraq to conduct attacks in their own countries.

Such motivations should come as a surprise to no one, seeing as how the approach to both immigration and foreign policy favored by our ruling elite can be summarized as "invade the world, invite the world."

In other words, Jewish nationalists lead the West into messy, unncessary wars for the benefit of Israel and the international Jewish community. Then, Jewish nationalists exert immense pressure on Western nations to import the disillusioned young men from these war-torn countries. This situation is further confounded by significant cultural, religious, and genetic differences that exist between the unfortunate host nations and their new – and oftentimes resentful – immigrant guests.

This is a recipe for disaster.

And yet, it's important to remember that we're not merely dealing with the threat of terrorism. Demographic displacement, while ominous and foreboding, also does not fully encapsulate our current plight – nor does the issue of pervasive Muslim rape.

What we are experiencing can only be described as a clash of civilizations. And as with any clash, one side will eventually triumph, and the other will suffer defeat.

When civilizations clash, train attacks, car attacks, bomb attacks – the specifics aren't important – are inevitable. However, they are only inevitable if this clash is allowed to continue unabated, festering and simmering while the masses look the other way. As such, these attacks are wholly unnecessary and preventable.

The only solution, therefore, is a peaceful, humane repatriation – a separation between two worlds which, by their very natures, simply cannot coexist.


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