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The Real Racists: Examining the Outrage Over the Chicago Kidnapping
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The Real Racists: Examining the Outrage Over the Chicago Kidnapping

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The recent kidnapping and torture of a special needs teen has inspired a massive amount of outrage on social media.

Many people, including a considerable amount of non-Whites, have been quick to assert that this barbaric act was indeed an instance of anti-White racism. This is significant, for the very term “racism” has been hijacked and redefined so that it cannot apply to White victims. As such, pointing out anti-White racism is a legitimate, albeit tame, act of rebellion against Cultural Marxism.

And while it is certainly preferable for the masses to decry anti-White racism than deny its existence altogether, a closer examination of the situation reveals that this public outrage is rooted in the color blind, individualistic form of anti-racism extolled by conservatives.

The Real Racists

Unfortunately, most condemnations of the Chicago kidnapping invariably wind up attributing the attack to “racist Democrats” or some other nonsense.

“Dems R the Real Racists”, otherwise known as “DR3”, is a meme created by the guys at The Right Stuff. Designed to poke fun at a particular line of reasoning favored by conservatives, this meme refers to the conservative talking point that liberals are the *real* racists, whereas conservatives are the truly enlightened egalitarians.

There are a number of issues with this talking point. For one, it was the Left that paved the way for virtually every “social justice” issue with which the contemporary faux-Right now identifies, including desegregation and other “anti-racist” policies. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, for conservatism is defined by its inability or unwillingness to affect cultural change; as such, conservatives are relegated to being the Leftists of the decade prior.

The issue with DR3 is that it is a cop-out – a last ditch effort to explain the ills of a multicultural society through politically correct means.

Conservatives argue that the Left, through its propensity for identity politics, is the cause of America’s declining race relations. The reality, of course, is that multiculturalism is inherently divisive, as virtually all research from the social sciences tells us. Moreover, substantial racial differences in intelligence – a highly heritable, polygenic trait – ensure the continued existence of a resentful, non-White underclass. Where there is racial heterogeneity, there is racial stratification.

Looking at the reactions to the Chicago kidnapping, it is clear that neither racial differences nor the pitfalls of multiculturalism are being discussed. Instead, we’re seeing the same tired DR3 tripe, with conservatives lamenting “racist” Black Lives Matter for supposedly causing the attack.

While it is true that the anti-White rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and others encourages an atmosphere of hostility towards people of European heritage, black-on-White violence has been a massive issue for decades. Stories much worse than the Chicago kidnapping are frequently swept under the rug; in fact, were it not for the Alt-Right’s social media presence, this one surely would have been as well.

Our Duty

As stated previously, the public reaction to the Chicago kidnapping is a good first step toward the realization of our goals. Anti-White rhetoric and violence should certainly be condemned. However, we mustn't become complacent. Conservatives think that we can all get along once the “racist” liberals stop playing into identity politics. We, however, know that this is a pipedream – and a dangerous one, for it doesn't address the root causes of the issue. Thus, as an intellectual vanguard movement, we must constantly pull the mainstream Right towards us.

How do we do this? Why, by refusing to settle for half-truths and limited explanations, of course.

This awakening was not supposed to take place; but now that it has, our enemies are scrambling, attempting to prevent the world from hearing our gospel. This will avail little, for the truth cannot be concealed forever. In the age of the Internet and social media, we have the ability to affect cultural change at an unprecedented level.

We are the bearers of a light that was nearly extinguished. Therefore, it is our sacred duty to shine this light – powerful, blinding, and horrifying to most – on the world, so that it destroys the sacred cows and comforting lies of the current year.


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