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Three German Cities to Tip Nonwhite
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Three German Cities to Tip Nonwhite


Mass Third World immigration to Germany will “soon” cause the three German cities of Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt to tip into majority nonwhite status, one of that country’s most prominent demographers has announced.

Speaking in an interview in the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper, “integration expert” Jens Schneider said that Augsburg will be one of the “first major German cities where people with a migration background will form the majority population.”

The interview revealed that official statistics already show that “one in five” (that is, 20 percent) of people living in Germany “have foreign roots.”

This is especially so in urban areas, Schneider said, where the proportion of “people with an immigrant background” rises exponentially.

“Experts believe that Augsburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt are the first cities in which immigrants will become the majority,” he added.

More than half of these “foreigners” are already in possession of German nationality, Schneider continued, which means that “integration is therefore going to be the biggest challenge in coming years.”

This means that the “country is going to change,” Schneider, who is in favor of the invasion, said.

The official statistics describe people “with a migration background” as all those who are not only foreigners, but who have immigrated to Germany since 1950 and their descendants.

Although Schneider did not say it, this means the large number of Turks who entered Germany as “gastarbeiters” (guest workers) in the 1950s, supposedly to work in Germany and then go home—but who never did.

In Augsburg, he said, the “people with a migration background” segment of the population now make up over 43 percent of the city’s inhabitants—and is rising.

This trend is particularly apparent among the preschool population, where more than half of all six-year-olds are from an “immigrant background.” This latter figure, he added, was common across all of Germany.

The only element of the statistics which might affect the projections is exactly how many of the “immigrants” are from other European nations—including, interestingly, Russia.

Although Schneider and the Augsburger Allgemeine mentioned this as a factor, neither gave any definite figure in this regard, but it is likely to be less than a quarter of the overall figures.

However, any braking effect this might have on the tipping racial population balance will certainly have been more than offset by the current mass nonwhite invasion, sparked by Angela Merkel’s 2015 invitation to the entire Third World to come to Germany.

An estimated 1.5 million nonwhites have since entered Germany, although the exact numbers are unknown because of the “open borders” policy which allows anyone from anywhere to walk in, without being checked or registered.


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